2013 Seminar Summaries

27 February, 2013

"Back to Basics of methadone and buprenorphine"
Presenters: Dr Andrew Byrne and Dr Robert Graham

1st May, 2013

"Update on Psychostimulants"
Presenters: Dr Nadine Ezard, Dr Alex Wodak, Brian Francis

26th June, 2013

"Antipsychotic techniques in substance use disorders"
Presenters: Dr Lisa Juckes and Dr Emma Schwarcz

The presentations of the 2 case studies on this video have been cut for confidentiality reasons, please see the accompanying summary for edited clinical details.

21st August, 2013

"Psychological techniques in substance use disorders"
Presenter: A/Prof Andrew Baillie

16th October, 2013

"Substance Use in Pregnancy"
Presenter: Catherine Maher

11th December, 2013

"When Drugs are Mixed"
Presenter: Prof Paul Haber