Seminars for this year - 2014

Wednesday 26th February, 2014

“Cases in Pain Management”: Management of chronic pain; and management of acute pain in patients on opioid pharmacotherapy.

Dr Bridin Murnion is both a pain specialist and an addiction medicine specialist, Staff Specialist at Drug Health Services at RGH Concord and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and Clinical Senior Lecturer, Central Clinical School, The University of Sydney
Prof Milton Cohen is a Senior Specialist in Pain Medicine and Rheumatology at St Vincent’s Hospital. He has been a leader in the development of pain medicine as a unique discipline and in the education and training of the next generation of pain specialists. Professor Cohen’s interests include pain theory and practice, rational pharmacotherapy for pain, and implications of persistent pain in the development of public policy.

Wednesday 30th April, 2014

“Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islanders and substance use problems”

Prof Kate Conigrave is an Addiction Medicine Specialist and Public Health Physician based at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. She is Conjoint Professor in Addiction Medicine, and Head of the Indigenous Substance Misuse Programs at the Central Clinical School, The University of Sydney. Her work combines clinical care of individuals with alcohol, drug and tobacco dependence; work promoting the health of communities; and research and teaching.

Wednesday 25th June, 2014

“What can we do for really severe alcohol and drug dependence? Update on the Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program (IDAT) after 2 years. When is involuntary treatment appropriate, and what else can we do? Including 3 cases.

Dr Lisa Juckes is Staff Specialist, Addiction Psychiatrist, Royal North Shore Hospital and Concord Hospital.
Lucinda Scopelliti is Clinical Nurse Consultant, Drug Health Services, Liverpool Hospital.
Emily Walker is Clinical Nurse Consultant with Drug Health Services, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.
Lucinda and Emily are IDAT Involuntary Treatment Liaison Officers

See seminar summary 28 June 2011 "The Inebriates Act": old law and new experiment.

Wednesday 20th August, 2014

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and addiction, management including Dialectical behaviour Therapy (DBT), with a focus on trauma.

Dr Danielle Florida is an Addiction Psychiatrist at Drug Health Concord, has a background in General Practice and a Masters in Psychological Medicine. Dr Florida is currently undertaking a clinical trial piloting third wave group psychotherapies in co-morbid clients.
Dr Kath Mills is a Senior Lecturer and NHMRC Research Fellow at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. Her research focuses on the epidemiology and treatment of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, in particular, post traumatic stress disorder.
Dr Kathy Watson is an advanced trainee in psychiatry and Registrar at Drug Health Services, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Wednesday 15th October, 2014

“Addiction and overdose.” Types of overdose, fatal and non fatal outcomes, drugs seen, alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, opioids. With an emphasis on overdose in people on opioid pharmacotherapy.

Dr Andrew Dawson is Senior Staff Specialist, Clinical Toxicology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; and Director of the National Poisons Registry. He is also Clinical Professor Addiction Medicine, Central Clinical School, the University of Sydney.

Wednesday 10th December, 2014

Triple Bill: Homelessness, disability and debts.
With Case Studies.

Presenters: TBA
1. Homelessness and Housing issues (speaker TBA, Housing NSW)
2. NSW State Debt Recovery: Work and Development Orders. How they work, relevance to people with substance use disorders (speaker TBA, State Debt Recovery)
3. Cases in disability: dealing with Centrelink paperwork: medical certificates, carer’s and mobility allowances, disability tables (Centrelink speaker TBA).