Since 2001 over 230 Australians have died in quad related incidents.*

*See latest reports in the 'Research Reports' section.

Quads are now the leading cause of non-intentional injury death on Australian farms (outranking tractors). Deaths are evenly distributed between rollovers, where asphyxiation/ crush injury are common and non-rollovers, where the victim is flung onto a hard surface as a result of a quad bike crash. Almost 9 out of every 10 rollover deaths occur on a farm.

Farmers are urged to think carefully about their use of quads taking into account the safety risks. In a majority of cases, quads are not fit for purpose for the tasks required by farmers and more suitable vehicles should be used.

Farmers who are employers or in control of the farm workplace have responsibility under work health and safety law to provide safe systems of work for workers and visitors to the workplace, including the operation of quads.

The ongoing work of the Centre for quad safety will seek to promote the use of more suitable vehicles. If quad bikes are still to be used as the vehicle of choice, they should be fitted with a suitably tested crush protection device.

The full range of control measures can be found in the Safety Guide; Safety of Quads and Side by Side Vehicles on Australian Farms

The Centre will continue negotiations with relevant partners in relation to guidelines, risk assessments and regulatory intervention.


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The following link is a list of Registered Training Organisations that can provide accredited quad bike training in compliance with AHCHMOM212A. Participants who are assessed successfully will achieve the nationally accredited unit of competency.


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