Grain Production

Given, the long hours and the use of various machinery and equipment, farmers face a diverse range of risks in the cropping process.

Within the 'Resources for Farmers' section of this website the following free resources that can be printed or downloaded to assist with health and safety concerns involved in grain production.

Hazard Checklist with Action Plans
Tractor Checklist
Irrigation Pumps and Motors Checklist
Machinery Checklist
Vehicle Checklist
Motorbikes, Quad and Side by Side Vehicles Checklist
Workshop Checklist
Chemicals, Fertilisers and Pesticides Checklist
Farm Infastructure Checklist
Field and Paddock Checklist
Farm Equipment Checklist
Training and Induction Checklist
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Injury Management and Return to Work Checklist

Induction Templates
Safety Induction for Farm Worker
Safety Induction for Farm Worker - Grain Harvesting
Safety Induction for Farm Contractor - Grain