Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Issues are important for the farming community with male farm owners and managers dying from suicide at around twice the rate of the national average of other males.

In NSW a Rural Mental Health Network has been established as a group of agencies and individuals who share a common goal and have agreed to work together to improve the mental health and wellbeing of farming people and farming communities. It’s work is based around a NSW Farmers Mental Health Blueprint which is a summary of key issues that should be addressed, and the major actions that should be taken. Click here to view 'Blueprint'

One of the actions of the blueprint in which Ag Health has developed with farmers across Australia is enhancing the resilience in farming communities to manage the pressures of work and life on farm. A resource has been developed specific to NSW and SA farmers that provides information about the most difficult pressures on the farm business, farm family and personally and some practical tips to manage them.

Download the 'Managing the Pressures of Farming' full resources or complete the on-line checklists available under Checklists for Managing Pressures tab.

Hard copies are available upon request by contact our centre on 02 6882 1486.

Chartbook - The Mental Health of People on Australian Farms, available inĀ 'Research Reports' under Chartbook Series.