Safety of Older Farmers

The Older Farmers program formed part of the Farm Injury Prevention Project which was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing over a three year period.

The Older Farmer program initiated as a result of statistics which indicate that the rate of injury and death of farmers over the age of 55 years was greater than those of younger farmers.

Planning saw workshops for Older Farmers being held in most states of Australia with a good cross section of agricultural production represented.  The objective of the workshops was to seek the farmers experience in defining the specific tasks on farm that which are more difficult for them to achieve, then collectively use the farmers considerable experience to find ways to make their work easier.

The final outcome of the workshops and culmination of the farmers input is a practical resource "The Great Idea Bank" which covers - identification of tasks that are harder to do, practical ways to do the job easier and information on the physical changes experienced as we age, as well as what we can do to maintain our health and wellbeing.

Workshops are available through the state Farmsafe groups in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Currently the Centre has no available funding to deliver the Great Ideas Bank workshops in NSW. However, if you have the capacity to organise some workshops and are seeking help with delivery, please contact Kerri-Lynn Peachey (details below). 

An Information Sheet: Making Work Easier for Older Farmers can be dowloaded from this link.

The chartbook Health and Safety of Older Farmers in Australia has been produced to provide guidance to those agencies and individuals who are working to reduce risk associated to elderly farmers on Australian farms.

For further information about the resource or planning a workshop please contact:

Kerri-Lynn Peachey

Phone: 02 6882 1486