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Welcome to the Medical Alumni Reunions home page. Reunions are a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old class mates and friends as well as stay in touch with the University. Whether you're looking to plan your next event, find out the details of your reunion or simply get in touch with the members of your class, the Reunions page has everything you need.

Here you can find Medical Alumni class reunions including listings of past events, reunion reports, photos from previous gatherings and information about upcoming reunions which you can find in the navigation bar to the left.

Upcoming Reunions


Graduating Class of 1961: 54 Year Reunion

Which Class Do You Belong To?

Figuring out which class you belong to can seem confusing, however it's actually quite simple.

Reunions are based on the year of graduation, not the year in which you completed your final year. This means for example that a graduate who completed in 1965 actually belongs to the class of 1966.

If you are unsure you can find out by consulting the Our Alumni page and searching for yourself by name.Once you locate yourself you can also check who else is in your graduating class by clicking on graduating class in your record.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us for assistance with a reunion, please get in touch by using the details found at our Contact Us page.

Diana Lovegrove is our Alumni Relations and Events manager and will be happy to assist you.