Reunion reports - 2013

1954 graduates celebrate 60 year reunion, November 2013

1954 Reunion

The 1954 graduating year was an uncommonly large year made up not only of school leavers, but also ex service folk and New Australians mostly from Europe after WW2. This required the doubling of lectures and other parts of the curriculum.

50 graduates celebrated this 60th reunion at the Royal Sydney Golf Club per favour of member Rodney Clark as previously.
Lunch was again delicious and the staff very obliging.
While most of the graduates at the reunion live in Sydney and rural NSW,
Howard Duncan came again from the USA to combine the reunion celebration with a visit to his Australian family and Patricia Dearman flew in from Perth WA.
A few graduates were doing some medical work but most were now retired, enjoying their spare time in various ways.

Although the number of graduates attending was only 50 it was still a very happy meeting allowing us the time to mix with colleagues, catching up with memories and recent news. Several graduates have sent the committee thank you emails in response.

Our Invited guest speaker was Stephen Leeder who spoke about
the changes that have occurred since 1954. Regarding entry to the medical course the number of men and women now reflect society’s norm and also how medicine itself has improved dramatically since 1954.

Lastly we voted on when the next reunion lunch might be held which will probably be in about 3 years.

1968 graduates celebrate 45 year reunion, November 2013

1968 Reunion

After much badgering from several of our colleagues, we eventually arranged the 45th reunion of the 1968 MBBS graduates. Despite the slow start, we had a very successful - but relatively informal - reunion dinner of the 1968 MBBS graduates in the Holme Building on the 16th November. Despite the relatively short period for the reunited reunion committee to contact our far-flung colleagues, we had a very good attendance. Total numbers on the night -including partners- was 85.

Our reunion committee consisted of the core group from our previous 40th reunion, and included Ivan Young, Tom Wenkart, Judy Black and Craig Mellis. However, the key to the success of this reunion was clearly the assistance of the Medical School.

Some of our colleagues travelled long distances for this reunion - particularly Dale Garlic who travelled from her home in New York for several days specifically to attend the reunion, and, of course, Bill Nardi – who drove all the way from his macadamia farm in Lismore to attend!

A highlight of this reunion gathering was the plan for our year to contribute to developing a scholarship to sponsor a medical student - to be named “the 1968 scholarship”.

Although these reunions are always a joyous occasion, enabling us to catch up on all the gossip with our colleagues and their partners - there is always an element of sadness when we hear of our fellow graduates who have passed away since our last reunion five years ago.

We will obviously be organising a very special 50th reunion in 2018 - and we will ensure that we allow a much longer lead time, to enable as many as possible from our graduating year to attend this important milestone.

Craig Mellis.

1978 graduates celebrate 35 year reunion, October 2013

1978 Reunion

What were they thinking? These alumni entertained their classmates as the "Freddies" at their 35th Medical Reunion, channeling Freddie Mercury and other 70s legends. Months (well maybe hours) of rehearsal led to a surprising performance which earned an encore. What was not surprising was that these gallant few trusted their mates with a less than perfect show, knowing they would be well received and applauded. Wigs off to Ian Butcher who actually did spend months rekindling his med revue lyric writing skills and mastering the art of YouTube video clips to aid his choreographically challenged colleagues in rehearsals. A special mention to Kristina McNamara (daughter of Matthew and Helge) for taking us Tryhards through our paces.

The class of 1978 were the last of the (original) six year course, and as such were not only gifted a double graduation, but also had many mature students from years gone by join their ranks. This created a special bond for them which has lasted 35 years, and looks set to last a few more. The outcome? The 130 alumni in the Great Hall that night can't wait for their next reunion in five years time, same venue.

The organising committee was gallantly led by Chris Ingall from his Lismore base with his trusty team on the ground of Philip Hung, Roger Boyd, Alyson Kakakios, Grace Bryant, Dave Mawter, Stephen Allwright and Lyn March. Despite the great sleuthing by Roger and Phil some of you still remain elusive. Get in touch with the alumni office and update your details if we missed you this time.

And don't forget to support the Class of 1978 October class scholarship, already 13,000 dollars has been donated, an amount which will no doubt swell quickly now that we have all been reminded!

Lyn March and Chris Ingall.

2003 graduates celebrate 10 year reunion, November 2013

2003 Reunion

In November 2013, over 10 years after the graduating year of 2003 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor or Surgery met to reunite and reminisce. The reunion was held at the Nicholson Museum and the year group chatted over drinks and canapés and caught up about the last 10 years of our lives. People came from near and far, the most notable was Deborah Allen who made the trip from New York City especially for the event! The following are some pictures of the evening and a graph showing which paths we have ended up in.

Tom Turnbull and Amanda Stephens
Reunion organisers