Today’s medical students are often faced with financial hardship. They have already completed one degree, they usually work part-time while studying, they are older and usually live away from home and are burdened by increasing HECS debts.

MAA members have a proud history of giving back and providing financial support to current medical students.

Thanks to the generosity of Sydney Medical School graduates, 7 scholarships of $5000 each are available to assist medical students in financial difficulty.

If you would like to establish a scholarship, or contribute to an existing one, please contact the Medical Alumni Association on +61 2 9351 0467 or

If you are a medical student who would like to apply for a scholarship, go to the Faculty website or contact the scholarship manager.

sheila nicholas

Sheila Nicholas Student Scholarship Fund
Named after Mrs Sheila Nicholas, OAM, the driving force behind the Medical Society and its book scheme for 40 years.

gaston bauer

Gaston Bauer Scholarship
Established by the MGA to honour Dr Gaston Bauer, a founding member of the Medical Graduates' Association and prominent physician and cardiologist.

Professor Gene Tang Wang Scholarship
Established by Dr Iris Wang in memory of her father, Professor Gene Tang Wang.

Graduating Year of 1984 Scholarship
Established by the graduating class of 1984 to help students who are experiencing difficulties managing their living costs and whose study are being adversely affected by excessive part-time work.

The Dubbo Medical Society Scholarship
Established in 2005 by an offer of an annual donation by the Dubbo Medical Society.

John Beveridge Scholarship
Named after John Beveridge, a pediatrician who led the way in shaping and reforming child health and the role of children's hospitals.

Douglas Baird Scholarship
Established in 2006 by the graduating class of 1966, this scholarship is in memory of Douglas Baird, a fellow classmate, friend and outstanding cardiothoracic surgeon who died prematurely at the age of 55.

Nicholas Catchlove Scholarship for international students
Established in 2009 by Dr Barry Catchlove (MBBS 1966) in memory of his son, Nick Catchlove.