Am I eligible?


Reasons for ineligibility

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for a thorough guide on eligibility. This page covers the two most common reasons for ineligibility - location and disqualifying diseases. Other conditions that will prevent the University from accepting the donation include:

  • if more than 24 hours have elapsed between the time of death and notifying the University
  • if more then 48 hours have elapsed between the time of death and delivery of the body to the University facilities
  • if a post mortem is held
  • if organs have been removed for transplant surgery
  • if the presence of an infectious disease poses a health risk to staff and students
  • if the University's facilities are at capacity
  • if the donor is Clinically Obese
  • if the donor has spent time which adds up to 6 months or more in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel
    Islands or the Isle of Man during 1 January 1980 through to 31 December 1996 inclusive
  • if your family object to the donation at the time of death
  • if you die outside our acceptance area
  • unforeseen circumstances

Please note other circumstances may arise which would prevent receipt of the body.

Disqualifying diseases

For the health and safety of our staff and students, the Body Donor Programme is bound by the decisions made by risk assessment groups that advise us. If you suffer a disease condition that is either not well understood or potentially infectious, unfortunately we cannot accept your donation.

Some of the common diseases that exclude you from being a donor are Alzheimer's disease, MRSA (Golden Staph) and MS (Multiple Sclerosis). For a full list of diseases that exclude a donation, please click on the drop-down box below.

You are not eligible to donate if you have any of the diseases in the drop-down box below.

Please do either of the following:

  • click in the drop-down box below and begin typing in any diseases you may have
  • or simply click on the 'down arrow' on the right hand side of the box to view all disqualifying diseases.


Eligible locations

Please accurately enter the address of your 'place of residence' below and click the 'CLICK TO CHECK YOUR ADDRESS' button. We accept eligible donations from donors who live in the Sydney area. Please be aware that if you currently live in the Sydney area and you move to a location outside of our boundaries, the University will have to cancel your donation. Also, please be aware that we will not be able to accept your donation if you pass away outside of our acceptance area. From more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.