The Discipline of Anatomy and Histology STRONGLY RECOMMENDS having vaccinations done.

Please use the following guidelines:

  • All students should have vaccinations 1 to 11.
  • GDP & GMP students should also have 12 to 14.

Unihealth keeps an up to date listing of recommended Vaccinations. Please visit their site or speak to one of their advisors when making a decision.

 Vaccination Guide (consult unihealth for a detailed guide)

Basic student vaccinations

All students and staff should be vaccinated against

1. Tetanus

2. Diphtheria

3. Pertussis

4. Polio

5. Measles

6. Mumps

7. Rubella

8. Hepatitis B

9. Meningitis C

Anatomy and Health Care Students All students undertaking dissection and health care students should have:

10. Tuberculosis skin test (TST- Mantoux)

Health Care Student vaccinations (external page)

All Health Care Students should also be vaccinated against:

11. Varicella (Chicken Pox)

12. Influenza

Screening requirements (external page)

Health care students who perform 'Exposure Prone Procedures' should also be tested for the presence of:

13. Hepatitis B

14. Hepatitis C

15. HIV

Animal care vaccinations (external page)

Students or staff who work with animals should also be vaccinated against:

16. Q Fever

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