Prizes and Awards available to students


Prosection Prizes

A. M. Loewenthal Prize
Established in 1948 by a bequest from A. M. Loewenthal to be awarded for proficiency in prosection combined with the results for the second barrier exam in Medicine.

R. M. Howe Prize
First awarded in 1967 for the best prosection by a dental prosector. The award is paid personally by Richard M. Howe annually.

Professor John Irvine Hunter Prize (prosection)
At the beqest of nearly $60,000 by Mrs Dorothy Fuller in 1990 perpetuated to provide funds for the prize in J. I. Hunters name. Awarded for the best prosection of the head and neck and/or brain by a student in the prosectors' competition held annually by the School of Medical Sciences. The prize may be shared by two or more students.

Wolfe Solomon Brown Prize
Established in 1956 at the bequest of Mrs Alice Harris. The prize is for the best contribution to the Wilson Museum from the Prosectors' Competition. The prize may be shared.

Laycock Prize
This prize was made possible by the donation of $20,000 to the Faculty of Medicine for a dissection prize to be given out annually in memory of his parents John and Lillian Frances. To be awarded for the first time in 2009 to eligible MED3 students for proficiency in dissection. The amount to be awarded is yet to be finalised.

J. L. Shellshear Memorial Prize in Anatomy
Founded in 1959 by a gift from Professor N. W. G. Macintosh and Dr G. Bell to established an annual prize for a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Medical Science course for proficiency in practical Anatomy.

Research Prizes

Professor John Irvine Hunter Prize (research)
Awarded annually for distinction in Honours or Postgraduate research.

Renwick Prize No. 1
Established in 1877 by a gift from the Honourable Sir Arthur Renwick, BA MD.۬Eligibile to candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Year 2 of the course for a meritorious essay (1500 - 2000 words), or other work deemed appropriate by the Discipline, on any topic in Anatomy.

J. T. Wilson Memorial Prize
Established in 1919 by a gift from the trustees of the J. T. Wilson Memorial Fund. Awarded for proficiency in Theoretical Anatomy.

Honours Prizes

McAvoy Prize
- overall performance (attendance, questions, presentations) during Friday Honours Meetings
- marks given to student by examiners (non supervisors) and overall comments of supervisor
- quality and publication suitability of the work

Dreher Prize
- clear signs of talent in research field, independent of performance during undergraduate course work
- effort and commitment shown during year

Stone Prize
- clear evidence of originality leading to novel findings in research

Other Prizes

Herbert John Wilkinson Memorial Prize in Anatomy
Established in 1963 by a bequest from Herbert John Wilkinson. Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Head of the Department of Anatomy and Histology for proficiency in Anatomy. The prize may be shared.

Grafton Elliot Smith Memorial Prize
Founded in 1949 by a bequest from Miss Lily Elliot Smith. Awarded annually for proficiency in Anatomy to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Medical Science course.

Outstanding achievement in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Prize
Awarded for the best examination results in NEUR3003/3903. Awarded jointly with the Discipline of Physiology.

Outstanding achievement in Integrative Neuroscience Prize
Awarded for the best examination results in NEUR3004/3904. Awarded jointly with the Discipline of Physiology.