Honours programmes for the Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Medical Science (BMedSci)

If you are looking to improve your career prospects, open the door to further academic study, or simply indulge in a passion - honours is your next step.

Entry criteria and process

  • a WAM of at least 68
  • pre-enrol with the Faculty of Science
  • organise a project with a lab head
  • confirm your intention to do Honours with the Honours Coordinator (A/Prof Lovicu)

Take note of our Summer Scholarship programme. This is awarded according to WAM and other grades. To be eligible, you must be committed to Honours in the Discipline of Anatomy & Histology. Application forms are available from A/Prof Lovicu.


  • Thesis - 20,000 words; November submission.
  • Seminar - 20 minute; You will present your year's work to the Discipline; November submission.
  • Essay - 5,000 words; Literature Review/Introduction to Thesis; June submission.
  • Honours Meetings - 1 hour/week during semester; attend meetings. At these meetings, each student will present 2 seminars during the year, outlining for example, project aims and their early results. These presentations will be to the other Honours students and the Honours Coordinators.

Application advice
When choosing a lab to do Honours in, make sure that:

  • you get on with Supervisor
  • the lab is funded well
  • the lab is filled with happy and likeable people and has many recent publications
  • you are interested in the project


There are two types of honours places available at the University of Sydney.

  • Commonwealth supported places
    Most undergraduate students at the University of Sydney are Commonwealth supported (external link). These students have most of the cost of their education paid by the government but must also contribute towards the cost themselves.
  • International fee-paying places
    There are different tuition fees (external link) for International students. The honours year is normally charged at the same rate as the bachelors degree to which it is attached.

Honours scholarships

The University of Sydney offers 100 Honours Scholarships to domestic students every year. Each scholarship is worth $6000 annually. Honours scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and personal attributes such as leadership and creativity.

To apply, you should obtain an application from the Scholarships and Prizes office in August, and submit it by December in the year before you begin your Honours program.

Further information about these scholarships is available on the Scholarships website (external link).