Studying at the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology

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The Discipline of Anatomy and Histology offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. For students interested in research, the discipline carries out extensive biomedical research.

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Students from a variety of faculties and degrees study Anatomy and Histology and typically begin studying units in 2nd Year. 

Most students at the discipline are studying the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Medical Science degrees.

There is a comprehensive listing of units on the Units of Study page in the Current Students section. 

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Studying Here
Discover some of the many tools and methods used by the Discipline to enhance your learning.

  • Dissection
  • Teaching aids
  • Online learning
  • Microscope laboratories
  • Ultrasound
  • Wilson Museum of Human Anatomy
  • Innovations
  • Ongoing internal evaluations
  • Successful learning support

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If you are looking to improve your career prospects, open the door to further academic study, or simply indulge in a passion - honours is your next step.

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Rich opportunities for postgraduate work are available in a variety of fields.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Science in Medicine (MScMed)
  • Graduate Diploma


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Research is across a variety of fields including (but not limited to) the biology of the retina, the organisation of the visual pathways, the pathways underlying pain, the formation of brain circuitry, the fundamentals of embryonic development, the causes of developmental abnormalities and the molecular basis of muscle contraction.