The Discipline has a long established and successful research history. The research is conducted by labs within the discipline and through the Bosch Institute.

The Bosch Institute is a joint initiative of the University of Sydney and the NSW Health Service. It brings together basic and clinical research scientists to tackle major unsolved questions about the human body in health and in illness.

There are many research groups at the discipline. Here are some:

  • Chemical Neuroanatomy Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Neural Structure and Function
  • Integrative Biology and Evolution of Marine & Freshwater Invertebrates
  • Cataract Prevention Unit
  • Retinal Biology Laboratory
  • Alzheimer's Disease Laboratory
  • Physical Anthropology & Comparative Anatomy Group
  • The Muscle Research Unit
  • Adult & Developing Visual System Group
  • Laboratory of Neuroglycobiology and Sensation
  • Neural Imaging Laboratory
  • Lens Research Laboratory
  • Cell and Reproductive Biology Laboratory
  • Vision and Cognition
  • Cell Biology & Diabetes Lab
  • Reproductive Toxicology and Chemical Hazard Assessment Laboratory (CHALUS)
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Research studies offered

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Science in Medicine (MScMed)
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Honours

Research Themes for Students

There are many different types of research conducted at the University, this is a list of a few of them. Please contact Frank Lovicu for more information (contact details are in the sidebar)

  • Metabolomics of mental disease: effects of neuroleptics on brain metabolome.
  • Animal development
  • The Retina in Developmental Neurobiology and Neuropathology
  • Pain and addiction
  • Zebrafish Lab: muscle, neurons, limbs & fins, development and disease
  • Pathogenesis of Alzherimer's Disease
  • Physical anthropology and comparative anatomy
  • Muscle Research Unit : cardiac research, water toxicity, role of cytoskeleton in cardiomyocyte function
  • Functional organisation of the Mammalian visual system
  • Neuropathic pain states
  • Pain research
  • Injury, disability and chronic pain
  • Development, regeneration and plasticity or spinal and peripheral neurons
  • (Eye) Lens research, lens biology and pathology (cataract)
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Female reproduction and structural cell biology
  • Developmental neurobiology and genomics
  • Vision and cognition
  • Ageing and eye disease