ATTSU attend Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences (AIAS) annual conference

16th of December, 2013

group photo of the ATTSU team

The ATTSU team

The AIAS conference for 2013 was located at the University of Western Australia in Perth. This year at the annual AIAS conference Marcus Robinson was re-elected as AIAS president and Inas Kansoh has entered a second term as media officer to help develop the website to provide a members only secure forum.

CTEC and the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology cohosted the event that was attended by 51 delegates from across Australia and New Zealand, including 6 members from our anatomy technical and teaching support unit (ATTSU). Attendance at this conference is key to the professional development of our relatively young team and provides an opportunity to make connections with our counterparts in other Universities and learn about other ways of doing things and up and coming advancements in the arts of dissection, preservation and all things anatomical.

There was a variety of presentations from both professional and academic perspectives with topics ranging from embalming to surgery, bequest programmes and 3D imaging and printing. Fantastic colour 3D ‘prints’ of anatomical dissections were exhibited by Michelle Quayle from Monash University, including a life-size and miniature version of a full upper limb, hand, heart and skeletonised foot and upper limb.

Tours were conducted of the CTEC facility for clinical training and education, the anatomy laboratories and the QEII Hospital pathology museum.

Next year's conference will be hosted in Hobart by the University of Tasmania.

Honours awards and afternoon tea 2013

20th of November, 2013

The Honours awards for 2013 were presented in the Anderson Stuart Common Room on Monday the 18th of November at 3pm.

  • Annika Berglund - Stone Prize
  • Ebony Richardson - Head of Discipline prize
  • Kevin Danastas - McAvoy prize
  • Gerald Shami - Stone prize
  • Jia Hao Yeo - Dreher prize

The awards are for research presentations made by Honours students from Anatomy and Histology. The Discipline congratulates recipients for their awards and thanks students for the high quality of their presentations.

Honours award recipients

Left to right : Annika Berglund, Ebony Richardson , Kevin Danastas, Gerald Shami, Jia Hao Yeo

Honours award group shot

Amy Li wins Heart Foundation's 'Collaboration and Exchange' award

13th of November, 2013

Amy Li portrait

The Discipline congratulates Amy Li for her success as a recipient of the Heart Foundation's 'Collaboration and Exchange' award for 2013. The award enables HF-funded scholars and postdoctoral fellows to travel nationally in order to visit research facilities. The award aims to maximise opportunities for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills by providing one-off funding of up to $5000 to support activities for up to 6 months.

Amy writes about the award
"The NHF Collaboration and Exchange Award provides the opportunity to master single molecule techniques which I will combine my studies on whole cardiomyocytes. I will examine how MYBPC is stabilised by the myosin thick filament. This collaboration will reveal new details about its molecular functions, and I expect it will enhance our understanding of how to better treat this common disease. This research will be done in the laboratory of renowned in Professor David Warshaw, at the University of Vermont."

Research goals
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common inherited cardiovascular disorder (~1 in 500). The pathophysiology of HCM is complex with phenotypes ranging from diastolic dysfunction, outflow tract obstruction, subendocardial ischemias, and ventricular arrhythmias. Over 400 mutations in 19 genes have been identified in HCM patients but~70% of these occur in just two genes, myosin heavy chain and myosin binding protein C (MYBPC3). This NHF-funded study focuses on:

(1) identifying missense and nonsense MYBPC variants:

(2) the effects of these variants on the intrinsic properties of the contractile subunits; and

(3) measuring the contractile performance of muscle samples from heart transplant patients compared to healthy donor hearts.

More information
More information about the award can be found on the Heart Foundation website.

Staff photo for 2013

1st of November, 2013

2013 staff photo

The Discipline of Anatomy and Histology staff photo for 2013 was taken by Clive Jeffery on the 11th of October at 4pm in front of the Eastern Avenue entrance.

Stuart Fraser, Tom Fitzgibbon (visiting), Liam Burke, Denise Donlon, Bogdan Dreher, Coral Chamberlain, Maria Byrne, Chris Murphy (HOS), Katie Dixon, Cris dos Remedios, Deborah Bryce, Karen Cullen, Vladimir Balcar, Paul Austin, Frank Lovicu, Mai Pham, Louise Matheson

Sadaf Kalam, Hong Dao Nguyen, Shawna Foo, Sarah Croker, Sarah-Jane Leigh, Cynthia Tang, Ashvini Ambihaipahar, Claudio Corvalan Diaz, Connie Poon, Ana Cham, Magdalena Wojciechowski, Fatima Wazin, Guannan Zhao, Tammy So, Louise Baxter, Saeed Dastjerdi

Kevin Keay (HOD), Yusuf Kameshki, Nicole Painter, Stephen Eamegdool, Michael Lovelace, Neil Nosworthy, Sam Dowland, Jonathan Hakim, Marcus Robinson, James Kang, Annika Berglund, Nabil El Massri, Sam Adamson, Austin Ko, Ping Hu, Wenchen Ji

Clive Jeffery, Louise Cole, Steven Doo, Natalie Soars, Carmine Gentile

If there are any queries about the photo please contact Clive on extension 17589.

Applications - Prosectors Competition and Prosectors Workshop

1st of October, 2013

Dissections in progress

The annual Prosectors Competition and Prosectors Workshop applications are now open.

The objective of the competition is for students to plan and dissect a specimen worthy of inclusion in the Wilson Museum of Anatomy.

The aim is that the prosection will be good for use as an undergraduate teaching specimens in the teaching labs.

Successful participants will earn the title of 'Prosector' and competitors are eligible for the Hunter, Shellshear, Laycock and Loewenthal prizes.

Applications close October 31st, 2013. Complete application details can be found on the dissection webpage.

Awarding of the Prosectors Competition prizes and certificates

8th of August, 2013

The 2013 presentation of the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology's Prosectors Competition was held in the Anderson Stuart common room at 3pm.

The competition is held annually and is open to all currently enrolled anatomy students who have had previous dissection experience. The objective of the competition is for students to plan and dissect a specimen worthy of inclusion in the Wilson Museum of Anatomy.

The winners of the Hunter, Shellshear, Laycock and Loewenthal prizes are pictured below.

Award winners of the 2013 Prosector's competition and workshop

Alan Lackey - Laycock Prize

Alexander Treble - Hunter Prize

Jim Yip - Laycock Prize

Leba Sarkis - Hunter Prize

Phylannie Cheung - Loewenthal Prize

Stuart Spencer - Shellshear Prize

PhD scholarship awarded to James Kang

James Kang has been awarded a PhD scholarship from the Australian Pain Society to work with A-Prof Kevin Keay (Anatomy and Histology) and Dr David Mor (Biomedical Sciences). James received news of his success whilst travelling through SE Asia, here is his reply!

James Kang

Good news whilst in an amazing part of the world!

James will work on the role of epigenetics in the development of disability after injury, with a particular focus on gene regulation in prefrontal cortical neurons. Congratulations James !

Masters awarded to Ashneeta Kumar and PhD awarded to Dr Hong Dao Nguyen

29th of May, 2013

Ashneeta Kumar

Ashneeta Kumar

Dr Hong Dao Nguyen

Dr Nguyen

The discipline of Anatomy and Histology would like to congratulate Ashneeta Kumar and Dr Hong Dao Nguyen on being awarded their respective degrees.

Ashneeta completed her research in the Laboratory of Neuroglycobiology and Sensation under supervision from Michelle Gerke.

Hong completed her research in the Laboratory for Integrative Biology and Evolution of Marine and Freshwater Invertebrates under supervision from Maria Byrne.

Applications open - Mrs Ann & Professor NWG Macintosh PhD Scholarships

09th of April, 2013

Applications are open (until the 15th of June 2013) for the Mrs Ann & Professor NWG Macintosh PhD Scholarships.

The Discipline of Anatomy and Histology was the recipient of a significant bequest from Mrs Ann Macintosh, which lead to the creation of the Professor NWG Macintosh Memorial Fund, which in turn lead to the creation of the PhD Scholarship.

This fund was established in memory of her husband, Neil William George Macintosh, a former Challis Professor of Anatomy, to support the Discipline of Anatomy & Histology.

Please download and print the application form found on the Postgraduate Programmes page.

Please post three hard-copies of the completed form with supporting documentation, arriving here no later than 15th of June 2013 to:

Head of Discipline of Anatomy and Histology,
c/o Tonnette Stanford, Room E204.
School of Medical Sciences
Sydney Medical School
Anderson Stuart Building (F13)
The University of Sydney NSW 2006

Late, faxed and emailed copies will not be considered.

PhDs awarded to Dr Deena Ababneh and Dr Florence Cheung

02nd of April, 2013

Deena Ababneh
Florence Cheung

The month of March saw two deserving candidates receiving PhDs from the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology.

The Postgraduate Research Committee of the discipline of Anatomy & Histology awarded Dr. Deena Ababneh (Webster Laboratory) and Dr. Florence Cheung (Lovicu and Reichardt Laboratories) the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

The Discipline offers its congratulations to both Dr Ababneh and Dr Cheung on their degrees and best wishes for future pursuits.

You can find more information about Postgraduate and Honours study options on our website :

Paul Austin recieves Early Career Researcher (ECR) Award

06th of March, 2013

Paul Austin

Lecturer Paul Austin received a recommended award of $20,000 from the University of Sydney Medical School's Early Career Research (ECR) grants scheme.

'Early Career Researchers' are considered to be those who were awarded their PhD no more than 7 years ago and hold an academic appointment up to and including Level B.

The grant was for the project titled 'Conundrum of Injury: Does accumbal CRF modulate behavioural disruption following injury?'.

PhD Travel Grants - Australian Pain Society ASM

01st of March, 2013

Andrew Youssef (Henderson lab) and James Kang (Keay lab) have received PhD Travel Grants from the Australian Pain Society. The grants will allow Andrew and James to attend the A.P.S. 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting in Canberra (17-20 March, 2013) to present their most recent work in pain research.

Andrew will be presenting a talk and James will be presenting a poster and delivering a short talk about his project.

Andrew Youseff and James Kang

Andrew Youseff (L) and James Kang (R)



PhDs awarded to Dr. Vangelis Kanellis and Dr. Victoria Shaw

27th of February, 2013

book stack

The Postgraduate Research Committee of the discipline of Anatomy & Histology congratulates Dr. Vangelis Kanellis (dos Remedios Laboratory) and Dr. Victoria Shaw (Mitrofanis Laboratory) on the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

The Discipline wishes them all the very best in his future endeavours.

You can find more information about Postgraduate and Honours study options on our website :

Academic Appointments

January 24th, 2013

Image by Sumple

The Discipline congratulates new and existing staff on their appointments for 2013.



Luke Henderson

Paul Austin

Katie Dixon

Suzanne Ollerenshaw