Overview of current research

Research in Anatomy and Histology is centered around groups, many of which are also part of the Bosch Institute. Anatomy and Histology provides an array of research resources to its staff (some of which are listed at the bottom of this page).

Staff participate in the Anderson Stuart seminars and supervise a wide range of Honours and Postgraduate research projects.

Researcher profiles

DENISE DONLON | Physical Anthropology & Comparative Anatomy

FILIP BRAET | Biomedical Imaging

MARIA BYRNE | Integrative Biology and Evolution of Marine & Freshwater Invertebrates
KATIE DIXON | Sunlight and Cancer Group
STUART FRASER - Laboratory of Blood Cell Development
TAILOI CHAN-LING | Retinal & Developmental Neurobiology Laboratory
CRIS DOS REMEDIOS and SEAN LAL | Cardiac Research Laboratory
FRANK LOVICU | Lens Research Laboratory
CHRIS MURPHY and LAURA LINDSAY | Cell and Reproductive Biology
BILL WEBSTER and HELEN RITCHIE | Reproductive Toxicology

PAUL AUSTIN | Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and Behaviour
VLADIMIR BALCAR | Laboratory of Chemical Neuroanatomy
KAREN CULLEN | Cerebral Microvasculature and Inflammation Laboratory
CLAIRE GOLDSBURY | Alzheimer’s Disease Cell Biology Group
MANUEL GRAEBER | Brain Tumour Research Group
KEVIN KEAY | Laboratory of Neural Structure and Function
LUKE HENDERSON | Neural Imaging Laboratory
MICHAEL VALENZUELA | Regenerative Neuroscience Group (RNG)


Please refer to our searchable database of research publications - please note that this site is in the process of being updated.