Brain changes associated with chronic pain in humans

We are particularly interested in defining the anatomical and
functional brain changes associated with chronic pain in humans.

Spinal Cord injury
In collaboration with Professor Philip Siddall at the Pain Management
Research Institute at RNSH we are using state-of-the-art human
magnetic resonance imaging techniques to explore anatomical and
functional changes that occur in patients with pain following spinal
cord injury.

Orofacial chronic pain
In collaboration with Professors Greg Murray and Chris Peck at the
Orofacial Pain clinic at Westmead hospital we are exploring long-term
brain changes in patients with various forms of orofacial chronic pain.

Skin and muscle pain and Cardiovascular control
Finally, in collaboration with Professor Vaughan Macefield at UWS we
are defining the brain circuitry responsible for acute skin and muscle
pain in healthy individuals. In addition we are exploring central
sites involved in cardiovascular control.