Research projects underway include:

Taphonomic studies
A major interest is in the assessment of time since death/postmortem interval of human and non-human skeletal remains in surface dispositions ( D.Donlon, J.Menzies, S.Croker, C.Corvalan)

Commingling studies
In Disaster Victim Identification, the mixing or commingling of human bones is a major issue. This project aims to investigate the accuracy of a number of methods currently used to deal with this problem (D.Donlon, F. Gill).

Assessment of ancestry
The identification of ancestry is one of the major aspects of producing a biological profile in the field of forensic anthropology. This projects aims to assess ancestry from the little studied postcranial skeleton (D.Donlon, C. Birkmann-Little).

Non-human bone and forensic anthropology
The high percentage of non-human bones mistaken for human bones is an issue for forensic facilities in Australia. This project aims to review and quantify this problem and the suggest ways to resolve it (D Donlon, S Croker, JMenzies).

Old Sydney Burial Ground – Osteology
This project has been investigating the osteology of some of Australia’s first European settlers, who were buried in Sydney’s first European cemetery – under what is now the Sydney Town Hall DDonlon).

Researcher queries

Please contact Denise Donlon if you are interested the lab's research.