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Discipline of Biomedical Science

The Discipline of Biomedical Science, a Discipline within the School of Medical Sciences, is located on the Cumberland Campus at Lidcombe. The Discipline provides units of study in anatomy, physiology and other sciences for the majority of the undergraduate and some of the postgraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Around 2600 hours of teaching per year is undertaken in the Discipline´s teaching laboratories.

Latest news

Successful PhD completion - congratulations Abir Alamro

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Congratulations to Abir Alamro who has been awarded PhD in Biomedical Science Sydney Medical School.

Parkinson’s NSW Seed grant application success to Assoc. Prof Kay Double

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Congratulations to Associate Professor Kay Double from the Biomedical Science Discipline and Dr Dominic Hare, University of Technology, Sydney and Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne who were successful with their Parkinson’s NSW Seed grant application.

News and achievements from the Double group

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Congratulations to Sophie Virachit who was awarded her PhD late last year. Sian Genoud and Benjamin Trist from the Double group were awarded Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) to complete their doctorates. Associate Professor Kay Double gave an invited presentation at the Sixth International Conference on Metals in Genetics, Chemical Biology and Therapeutics in Bangalore, India.

Congratulations to Helen Ritchie and Diana Oakes for their grant success

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Congratulations to Helen Ritchie and Diana Oakes who were successful in their grant application from the Australian Dental Research Foundation - The role of foetal hyperglycaemia in the formation of cleft lip and maxillary hypoplasia.