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Discipline of Biomedical Science

The Discipline of Biomedical Science, a Discipline within the School of Medical Sciences, is located on the Cumberland Campus at Lidcombe. The Discipline provides units of study in anatomy, physiology and other sciences for the majority of the undergraduate and some of the postgraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Around 2600 hours of teaching per year is undertaken in the Discipline´s teaching laboratories.

Latest news

PhD award to Cliffton Chan

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Congratulations to Cliffton Chan who was recently awarded a degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Cliffton is a lecturer in the Discipline.

Congratulations to Dr. Zaynab Al-Eisawi, Dr. Meher Un Nessa and Dr. Ehsanul Mazumder

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Congratulations to Zaynab Al-Eisawi, Meher Un Nessa and Mohammed Ehsanul Hoque Mazumder who graduated with PhD on 13 December 2013.

Congratulations to Dr Joanna Diong being awarded a 2014 NSF research grant

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Congratulations to Dr Joanna Diong on being awarded a 2014 National Stroke Foundation (NSF) Small Project Grant for $18,308.00.

A/Prof. Kay Double - Telegraph article and radio interviews about link between PD and insecticide sprays

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Associate Professor Kay Double was quoted in a Parkinson's story in the front page of the Daily Telegraph 9th Dec 2013 - "Landmark legal case will probe the link between Parkinson's disease and insecticide sprays used on long-haul flights". Kay Double also gave two radio interviews on this issue.