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Discipline of Biomedical Science

The Discipline of Biomedical Science, a Discipline within the School of Medical Sciences, is located on the Cumberland Campus at Lidcombe. The Discipline provides units of study in anatomy, physiology and other sciences for the majority of the undergraduate and some of the postgraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Around 2600 hours of teaching per year is undertaken in the Discipline´s teaching laboratories.

Latest news

Brain awareness week at Sydney International Grammar School, March 2017

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During Brain Awareness Week, Dr Huang and her team visited Sydney International Grammar School in March 2017. They successfully promoted neuroscience and science to Year 8 students. Their activities also attracted some Year 12 students while they were on a break.

Parkinson’s New South Wales awarded Bio Discipline student Ben Trist young researcher of the year

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Parkinson’s New South Wales awarded Bio Discipline student Ben Trist as the young researcher of the year for 2016. Ben is a second year PhD student supervised by Assoc. Prof Kay Double (Biomedical Science) and Dr Dominic Hare, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne.

Brain awareness activities at High Schools during National Science Week

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During Science Week, Dr Jin Huang - a partner of the “Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools’’ program continued her annual outreach activities with Condell Park High School and Sydney International Grammar School.

Assoc. Professor Karen Ginn and Shoulder lab team present research work at conference in South Korea

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Assoc. Professor Karen Ginn and the Shoulder lab team presented their research work at the International Congress of Shoulder & Elbow Therapists in Jeju Island South Korea.