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NHMRC interview with A/Professor Kay Double published on their website for World Parkinson's Disease Day

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An interview with Discipline of Biomedical Science academic Assoc Prof Kay Double was featured on the NHMRC webpage this week to coincide with Parkinson’s disease day. Assoc Prof Double has focused on Parkinson’s disease research throughout her career. She primarily investigates why brain cells die in this disease and how this can be slowed or stopped. Her research group, based at the University’s Brain and Mind Centre, recently discovered a new type of pathology in the Parkinson’s disease brain and have suggested how these abnormal changes might result in brain cell death. Further they propose an approach which may mitigate these disease-associated changes. This work will soon be published in the journal Cell Chemical Biology.

The NHMRC article can be viewed here:

Congratulations to Bio PhD student, Kathryn Mathews who has been awarded the 2018 Leslie Rich Scholarship for Research into Dementia

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A Discipline of Biomedical Sciences PhD student, Kathryn Mathews, has been awarded the 2018 Leslie Rich Scholarship for Research into Dementia.

Kathryn, who is based at the Brain and Mind Centre, researches neurogenesis; the birth of new neurons from resting stem cells. Neurogenesis is only found in two areas of the adult brain. One of these regions, the hippocampus, is strongly associated with memory and cognition. In particular Kathryn is interested in regional patterns of neurogenesis throughout the hippocampus, and how changes to these patterns in ageing and Parkinson’s disease may contribute to an increased risk of dementia.

The Leslie Rich Scholarship is a $10,000 research grant awarded yearly to a University of Sydney PhD student investigating dementia. Kathryn plans to use her grant for laboratory costs and attendance at an international conference on neurogenesis to share her results.

Congratulations to Bio PhD student Sachini Jayaratne for being awarded the Harvard University Mobility Scheme

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Sachi is Dr Jaimie Polson’s PhD student (Cardiovascular Neuroscience Lab), working on “The role of maternal “western fast food diet (high fat-high sugar) on the fetal programming of hypertension through autonomic dysfunction”. Sachi was awarded the Harvard University Mobility Scheme from The University of Sydney’s Office of Global Engagement. Its aims are to encourage collaborations between Harvard University and The University of Sydney. Sachi will be working in the laboratory of Professor Joseph Loscalzo’s at the Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital for 6 weeks in early 2018, learning techniques to study blood vessel redox states and its contribution to hypertension.

Congratulations to Karen Ginn who has been promoted to Professor

Photo of Karen Ginn

Congratulations to Karen Ginn who has been promoted to Professor.

Successful Biomedical Science academic staff promotions

picture of Helen, Bronwen and Cliffton

Congratulations to Helen Ritchie and Bronwen Ackermann who have been promoted to Associate Professor and to Cliffton Chan who has been promoted to Senior Lecturer.