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Parkinson’s New South Wales awarded Bio Discipline student Ben Trist young researcher of the year

photo of Ben Trist receiving award

Ben is pictured on the left with Parkinson’s New South Wales President Andrew Whitton and on the right with Associate Professor Kay Double.

Discipline of Biomedical Science and Brain and Mind PhD student Benjamin Trist was named as the Parkinson’s New South Wales Young Researcher of the Year for 2016 for his work on a new type of protein abnormality in the Parkinson’s disease brain.

Ben is a 2nd year PhD student and is supervised by Associate Professor Kay Double and Dr Dominic Hare, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne.

Brain awareness activities at High Schools during National Science Week

photo collage from brain awareness week

During Science Week, Dr Jin Huang - a partner of the “Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools’’ program continued her annual outreach activities with Condell Park High School and Sydney International Grammar School (

Our fun and hands-on activities promote awareness of amazing brain functions. Year 8 kids from both schools provided great feedback (4.7/5) and were intrigued by some of the fascinating body sensations. Again the battle between their brain waves using a Mindflex Duel machine ( remained their favourite over the years. They loved the station with jelly beans which illustrated how smell and taste work together. Their hands were certainly bloody when dissecting lamb brains and they all look adorable/drunk trying to maintain balance using massagers!

Acknowledgment: We thank the Discipline of Biomedical Science, The University of Sydney for funding these activities. Note most scientists are members of the Australasian Neuroscience Society ( and Sydney Chapter of The American Society for Neuroscience (

Volunteers all from The University of Sydney
SIGS Volunteers:

Dr Jin Huang (leader); A/Profs Kay Double and Cathy Leamey; Drs Tom Duncan, Alan Freeman, Elizabeth Hegedus, Damian Holsinger, Dario Protti, Atomu Sawatari and Eryn Werry; Sian Genoud, Kevin Leung, Xiaohui Lin, Kathryn Mathews, An Truong and Andrea Yong

CPHS volunteers:
Drs Jin Huang (leader), Dario Protti and Eryn Werry; Xiaohui Lin, Kathryn Mathews, Eurwin Suryana, An Truong and Sophie Vo
Xiaohui Lin and Dr Jin Huang

Permission was obtained from the team and schools to publish photos on school bulletins and websites.

Assoc. Professor Karen Ginn and Shoulder lab team present research work at conference in South Korea

photo of Karen Ginn and Shoulder lab team

Darren Reed (staff), John Breckenridge & Sally McLaine (PhD students) presented results of their research into shoulder muscle activity patterns during exercises, cortical changes associated with chronic shoulder pain & shoulder muscle strength in young swimmers respectively.

Assoc. Professor Karen Ginn gave an invited lecture on the contribution of active muscle splinting to decreased range of motion in patients diagnosed with frozen shoulder – research conducted as part of Luise Hollmann’s Masters degree.

Ben Trist, Assoc. Professor Kay Double's student presented interesting research work at Berlin conference

photo of Ben Trist and Kay Double

Ben Trist, Assoc. Professor Kay Double's student presented interesting research work at the International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders in Berlin. It was chosen as a meeting highlight for an oral presentation and is featured in a Neurology Today story.

Associate Professor Kay Double's recent research work discussed in the popular press

photo of Kay Double

Associate Professor Kay Double's recent research work has been discussed in an article in ScienceNews, Magazine of the Society For Science & The Public.

The article "Evidence conflicts on iron’s role in Parkinson’s disease" also uses an image from, and cites, the brain atlas called BrainScape developed by Biomedical Science staff (Emma Simpson, Janny Chen and Kay Double).