Research Students

group picture of students

Some of our research students with the Dean of Sydney Medical School, Prof. Bruce Robinson and Head of Discipline, A/Prof. Karen Ginn

The Discipline of Biomedical Science in the School of Medical Sciences, Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney offers two research degrees:

The research master's and doctoral degrees have two purposes. One is to prepare a substantial piece of work which represents a significant contribution in a particular field of study; the other is to train candidates in general research methodology and equip them with transferable research skills. The Discipline currently has eight active research laboratories and is affiliated with Bosch and many independent medical research institutes aimed at achieving medical firsts in specialist areas of health and medicine. It provides an outstanding environment for postgraduate research. Our prominent research themes include:

  • Musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Neuroscience
  • Cardiopulmonary physiology
  • Cancer
  • Molecular biology
  • Microbiology
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Occupational health issues related to orchestral music and intervention
  • Teaching and learning

We currently supervise over 20 research students, the majority of whom are doctoral students (PhD). Our research students come from a wide range of first degrees and our research projects attract an international cohort of students.

Current PhD candidatures

Student Name Project Title Supervisor Associate or Co-Supervisor
Abir Al-Amro Synergism from Combination of Platinums in Ovarian Cancer A/Prof Fazlul Huq A/Prof Philip Beale
MD Nur Alam Studies on monofunctional palladiums and synergism in activity from combinations A/Prof Fazlul Huq A/Prof Philip Beale
Munira Al-Dossari Exploring Changes in Visual Suppression and Perception in Young Adults when exposed to Ambiguous Stimuli Dr Alan Freeman  Dr Elaine Wong & Dr Jin Huang
Muhammad Almoyad Synergism from combination of targeted therapy and phytochemicals in colorectal and other cancers A/Prof Fazlul Huq A/Prof Philip Beale
Safia (Safy) Althurwi Studies on combinations of platinum drugs: cisplatin and oxaliplatin with selected tumour active plant compounds in ovarian cancer A/Prof Fazlul Huq A/Prof Philip Beale
MD Sheikh Anwar Studies on the combination between metal-based anticancer drugs and selected natural compounds from plant, marine and microorganism sources possessing chemopreventive and cytotoxic attributes. A/Prof Fazlul Huq A/Prof Philip Beale and A/Prof Charles Chan
Fahad Al Onazi Drug combinations as a means to overcome resistance in ovarian and colorectal tumour models A/Prof Fazlul Huq A/Prof Philip Beale
Hana Bali Studies on combinations of targeted drugs with tumour active plant compounds in cancer A/Prof Fazlul Huq A/Prof Philip Beale
John Breckenridge Perceptual and Sensory changes in Patients with Frozen Shoulder A/Prof Karen Ginn McAuley
Cliffton Chan Supporting Sustainable Careers in Orchestral Musicians through Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives Dr Bronwen Ackermann A/Prof Tim Driscoll
Emily Duffil The Principals and Foundations for Sustaining Life Long Health Alongside music Performance Dr Bronwen Ackermann Wijsman/Penny
Alison Evans Soft palate function in wind muscians A/Prof Tim Driscoll Dr Bronwen Ackermann
Katherine Davis Copper changes in Parkinson’s disease A/Prof Kay Double Guillemin
Connie Louizos The role of sexual arousal in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with PDE5 inhibitors Dr Peter Knight Janssen
Sally McLaine   Hopper A/Prof Karen Ginn
Ian O'Brien Noise Control Hearing Conservation Educational and Audiological Processes For Professional Orchestras Dr Bronwen Ackermann A/Prof Tim Driscoll
Rosemary Prosser Diagnosis and management of wrist and hand conditions A/Prof Leslie Nicholson Hancock
Dale Rickerts Right shoulder function in cellists   Dr Bronwen Ackermann
Rhianon Schroder The function of melanin in the healthy and diseased brain Gerber/Todd A/Prof Kay Double
Michael Smith Prognostic idicators of successful rehabilitation outcome in patients with subacromial impingement/rotator cuff tendinopathy Van Deursen A/Prof Kay Double
Danijela Stanic Prevalence of Community-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CaMRSA) in the General Community, and Molecular Characterization of isolates Dr Gary Lee Dr E. Hegedus & Dr D.Oakes
Victoria Tung In the Balance: Targeted high resolution imaging of the balance system during ageing Protti Dr Aaron Camp
Sophie Virachit Neurogenesis regulation in health and disease A/Prof Kay Double Weickert
Xi (Cecilia) Xiao Vagal stimulation threshold for the production of apnea and actions of pharmacological agents on this apneic threshold in anaesthetized rats Dr Peter Knight Dr Ron Balnave

Current Masters candidatures

Name Project Title Supervisor Associate or Co-supJohn ervisor
Hasthi Dissanayake The role of cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction in foetal programming of hypertension following maternal high fat diet Dr Jaimie Polson Dr Elizabeth Hegedus
Luise Hollmann Solving the enigma of frozen shoulder A/Prof Karen Ginn Dr Mark Halaki
Anne Krahe Assessment of specific ligamentous laxity of the ankle and knee in individuals meeting the criteria of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome A/Prof Leslie Nicholson Dr Bronwen Ackermann
Gloria Luo-Li Objective measurement of binocular rivalry Dr Alan Freeman Alais
Miranda Mathews Central control of peripheral vestibular sensitivity Dr Aaron Camp Protti
(James) Matthew McCrary Effects of various warm-ups on muscle activation and sound quality in violinists Dr Bronwen Ackermann Dr Mark Halaki

Research candidature completions 2010 - 2014

Student Name Degree Project Title Supervisor


Laila Arzuman PhD Studies on Planaramineplatinum (II) Compounds of the Form [PtL3C1]C1 where L=planaramine ligand A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2014
Verity Pacey  PhD

Paediatric generalised joint hypermobility

 A/Prof Leslie Nicholson  2014

Darren Reed

 PhD Muscle activation patterns during common shoulder rehabilitation exercises  A/Prof Karen Ginn  2014
Zaynab Al Eisawi PhD Bortezomib and Platinums in Combination in Ovarian Cancer A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2013
Mohammed Ehsanul Hoque Mazumber PhD Studies on activation of trans-palladium by introduction of planaramine ligands A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2013
Meher Un Nessa PhD Studies on drug resistance and drug combination A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2013
Nastaran Hesam Shariati PhD  A functional model for primary visual cortex  Dr Alan Freeman  2012
 Craig Boettcher PhD  EMG investigation of shoulder muscle function  A/Prof Karen Ginn  2011
Judy Chen  PhD Conservative treatment of shoulder pain and stiffness A/Prof Karen Ginn  2011
 Fehmida Fasim PhD  Studies on new mononuclear and poly nuclear platinum compounds with trans-geometry  A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2011
 Arwa Rawashdeh M Phil  Studies on tendon reflex inhibition of task-specific focal hand dystonia in writer’s cramp  Dr John Burne  2011
 Paul Tawadros PhD  Non-Dopaminergic Function in Parkinson's Disease  Dr John Burne  2011
  PhD   A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2013
Yunos Nurhanan PhD  Studies on synergism between platinum anticancer and non-platinum drugs  A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2011
Wattanaprakornkul, Duangjai PhD  Shoulder muscle recruitment patterns during common rehabilitation exercises in the sagittal plane: an electromyographic study  A/Prof Karen Ginn  2011
Padma Iyer PhD

Links between binocular rivalry and stereopsis

Dr Alan Freeman  2011
Shahnaz Al-Qassab PhD

Studies on new mononuclear and multinuclear tumour active compounds

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2010
Narjes Deqnah PhD

Studies on New Trans-planaramine Platinum (II) Complexes

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2010
Anthony Downes MPhil

 Shoulder muscle activity – on EMG analysis

A/Prof Karen Ginn  2010
Jing Xiao MPhil

 Regulating cholesterol as a step to curing Alzheimer’s disease: a cellular model

Dr Damian Holsinger   2010

Research candidature completions 2006 - 2009

Student Name Degree Project Title Supervisor


Jeff Hudson  PhD

Tell me why?  Married men who have sex with men (The M2M Study)

 Dr Gary Lee  2009
Chong, Hoi Ling  MPhil

A virtual instrument for clinical testing of the auditory pathway

Dr John Burne  2009
Elaine Wong  PhD

The dynamics of interocular suppression

Dr Alan Freeman  2008
Aparna Rajagopalan  PhD

Neurobiomechanical changes in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr John Burne   2008
Serajul Khan  PhD

Reflex inhibition arising from electrical stimulation of tendon afferents

Dr John Burne  2008
Jehad Al-Shuneigat  PhD

Studies on new tumour active platinum compounds

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2008
Munther Alomari  PhD

Characterising a novel protein interaction with Alzheimeer’s disease BACE1

Dr Damian Holsinger  2008
M.J. Wu  PhD

Characterisation of wheat proteins: A proteomic and immunological approach

Dr Elizabeth Hegedus  2007
Sonia Lee  PhD

Comparison of Cardiac risk factors in Taiwanese women in Taiwan and Australia

Dr Jennifer Lingard  2007
M. Farhad  PhD

Studies on new trinuclear Palladium compounds

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2007
N.J. Cheng MAppSc

Identification and assessment of determinants of patient satisfaction with private physiotherapy services

Dr Gary Lee  2007
Raymond Blaich MAppSc

Trunk and limb muscle activity during the application of a mobilization type force to the vertebral column

A/Prof Karen Ginn  2007
Yi-Fang Liu  PhD

The effect on certain novel aspects of blood biochemistry of an interval training programme specifically designed for high risk cardiac patients

Dr Margaret Bermingham  2006
Hasan Tayyem  PhD

Studies on new tumour active compounds with one or more metal centres

A/Prof Fazlul Huq   2006
Orawan Prasartwuth  PhD

Neural control of eccentric exercise

Dr Ian Cathers  2006
Sam Jiao  PhD

Effects of sexual arousal on grip strength and vibrotactile sensation in men

Dr Peter Knight  2006
Anita Clerke  PhD

Factors influencing grip strength testing in teenagers

Dr Ron Balnave  2006
Deena Ababneh MAppSc

Studies on Cadmium-induced genotoxicity

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2006

Research candidature completions 2002 - 2005

Student Name Degree Project Title Supervisor


Yi-Chen Lee MAppSc

Effects of lipoprotein lipase polymorphism, HindIII, on lipid profiles, BMI, glucose and insulin levels in obese adults in Australia

Dr Margaret Bermingham   2005
J. Patterson  PhD

Enteric microbial community interactions in response to nutraceuticals

Dr Elizabeth Hegedus  2005
Mei Yao MAppSc

Teratogenic potential of some herbal remedies: Goldenseal, Valerian, Feverfew and Hawthorn 

Dr Patricia Woodman & Dr Helen Ritchie  2005
Farhad, M  MAppSc

Interactions between iron and DNA in the presence of Ascorbate

A/Prof Fazlul Huq   2005
Howard Cheng  PhD

Studies on novel metal-based anticancer drugs

A/Prof Fazlul Huq   2005
Jenny Bin Shao  PhD

A study of prescribing practice of antibiotic prophylaxis in surgical patients

Dr Gary Lee  2005
K. Al Mousa  PhD

Cardiac risk factors and body fat in Bangladeshis in Australia

Dr Margaret Bermingham  2005
Ahmed Abdullah  PhD

Studies on new Cis-Planaramineplatinum (II) Complexes

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2004
Zheng-Gui Huang  PhD

Respiratory-related neurons in the r-cVRG of the rat

Dr Ron Balnave  2004
 H. H. Subramanian  PhD

Control of breathing in the rat and cat

Dr Ron Balnave  2004
B. Trevithick MAppSc

Muscle recruitment patterns during the kayak stroke

A/Prof Karen Ginn  2004
Meg Stuart  PhD

Input-output interactions of the sensorimotor pathways

Dr Bulent Turman  2004
Abdullmonem Ramadhan  PhD

Study on vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) isolates from community sources

Dr Elizabeth Hegedus  2004
Hasibul Haque MAppSc

Effects of Ischemia on tonic and phasic stretch reflexes at the ankle joint

Dr John Burne  2004
Hassan Daghriri  PhD

Studies on tumour active compounds with multiple metal centres

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2003
Elaine Wong MAppSc

Patchwork Stimuli:  A new test for Binocular cooperation

Dr Alan Freeman  2002
Vincent Nguyen  PhD

Binocular Rivalry and its place in the brain

Dr Alan Freeman  2002
Sangeeta Mehta MAppSc

Relationship between measures of fatness, metabolic markers and etchnicity in adolescent boys

Dr Margaret Bermingham  2002
Zahed Hossain  PhD

Studies on Cadmium-Induced Carcinogenesis

A/Prof Fazlul Huq  2002