Institute structure

The Institute is governed by an Executive Leadership Group, and an Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Directors, are responsible for fiduciary matters, strategic leadership and ensuring the sustainability of the organisation.

The Executive Leadership Group consists of the leaders of each of the Research Themes (currently five) within the Institute, plus representatives elected by the participant scientists. The Chief Operating Officer also is a member of the Executive Leadership Group. This part of the organisation provides advice to the Advisory Board and Executive Director about:

  • implementation of agreed operational policies, planning and leadership processes
  • cultivating an innovative culture and climate
  • research project monitoring and reporting
  • implementation of agreed strategic plans
  • budget management
  • planning for growth

In addition, the Executive Director may, on advice, convene a Scientific Advisory Committee to advise on scientific issues as they arise. The membership is such a Committee is chosen to provide cognate advice, free of conflicts of interest.