Science Council

The Science Council consists of the laboratory heads and other senior researchers within the Bosch Institute.

Name Laboratory
Associate Professor Robin Allan
Medicinal Chemistry Group
Dr Haydn Allbutt
Laboratory of Motor and Sensory Systems
Professor David G Allen
Muscle Cell Function Laboratory
Professor Richard D M Allen
Collaborative Transplantation Group
Dr Jonathon Arnold
Cannabinoid Science Research Group
Dr Stephen Assinder
Andrology Research Group
Associate Professor Vladimir Balcar
Chemical Neuroanatomy Laboratory
Associate Professor Bob Bao
Mucosal Immunology Laboratory
Professor Max Bennett
Neurobiology Laboratory
Professor Judith Lee Black
Respiratory Research Group
Dr Michael Buckland
Molecular Neuropathology Laboratory
Professor Maria Byrne
Animal Development Group
Professor Iain L. Campbell
Neuroimmunology Laboratory
Associate Professor Simon Carlile
Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory
Professor David Celermajer
Cardiovascular Disease Detection and Prevention
Clinical Professor Steve Chadban
Collaborative Transplantation Group
Professor Tailoi Chan-Ling
Retinal Biology Laboratory
Dr Kellie Charles
Cancer Therapeutics Research Group
Professor Richard Christopherson
Cancer Proteomics Group
Dr Rachel Codd
Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery Laboratory
Dr Nicholas Cole
Evolution and Development Laboratory
Muscle and limb/fin development and evolution
Professor Arthur Conigrave
Molecular Nutrition Laboratory
Professor David I Cook
Epithelial Transport Laboratory
Dr Stuart Cordwell
Cardiac Proteomics Laboratory
Dr Karen Cullen
Cerebral Microvasculature & Inflammation Laboratory
Pathogenesis of Alzheimer\'s Disease
Professor Roger Dampney
Cardiovascular Neuroscience Laboratory
Dr Margot Day
Developmental Physiology Laboratory
Associate Professor Qihan Dong
Cancer Genetics Group
Bosch Prostate Cancer Focus Group (BPCFG)
Dr Denise Donlon
Physical Anthropology & Comparative Anatomy Group
Professor Cristobal Dos Remedios
Muscle Research Unit
Associate Professor Kevin Downard
Viral Proteomics Laboratory
Professor Bogdan Dreher
Adult and Developing Visual System Group
Functional organisation mammalian visual system
Dr Michelle Gerke
Laboratory of Neuroglycobiology and Sensation
Clinical Associate Professor John Gibson
Blood Stem Cell Transplantation Unit
Dr Claire Goldsbury
Cell Biology of Alzheimer's Disease Laboratory
Alzheimer's Disease Cell Biology
Professor Georges Emile Raymond Grau
Vascular Immunology Laboratory
Professor Gary Halliday
Dermatology Research Laboratory
Associate Professor Brett Hambly
Cardiac Proteomics Laboratory
Macromolecular Structure Laboratory
Associate Professor Jasmine Henderson
Parkinson's Disease Laboratory
Dr Luke Henderson
Neural Imaging Laboratory
Dr Tina Hinton
Neuropharmacology Laboratory
Clinical Associate Professor Joy Ho
Molecular Pathogenesis Group
Professor Nicholas Hunt
Molecular Immunopathology Unit
Clinical Associate Professor Harry Iland
Molecular & Cellular Biology of Leukaemia Unit
Professor Richmond Jeremy
Cardiac Proteomics Laboratory
Professor Graham Johnston
Neuropharmacology Laboratory
Professor Douglas Joshua
Multiple Myeloma Research Group
Associate Professor Kevin Keay
Neural Structure and Function Laboratory
Professor Nicholas King
Viral Immunopathology Unit
Dr Christine Koeppl
Comparative Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory
Professor Jillian Kril
Neuropathology Unit - Dementia, Neurodegeneration, Ageing
Muscle Cell Function Laboratory
Dr Catherine Leamey
Developmental Neurobiology Laboratory
Clinical Professor Cheok Soon Lee
Cancer Pathology Laboratory
Associate Professor Frank Lovicu
Lens Research Laboratory
Dr Rita Machaalani
SIDS & Sleep Apnoea Group
Professor Rebecca S Mason
Bone & Skin Laboratory
Dr Slade Matthews
PharmacoInformatics Laboratory
Dr Bronwyn McAllan
Environmental Control of Physiology Lab
Professor Peter McMinn
Molecular Virology Unit
Dr Brent McParland
Smooth muscle mechanics laboratory
Professor Brian Morris
Basic and Clinical Genomics Laboratory
Dr Michael Morris
Embryonic Stem Cell Laboratory
Professor Chris Murphy
Cell & Reproductive Biology Laboratory
Associate Professor Chris O'Neill
Human Reproduction Unit
Associate Professor Roger Pamphlett
Motor Neuron Disease Research Laboratory
Associate Professor William Phillips
Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory
Dr Dario Protti
Vision Laboratory
Professor Juergen Reichardt
Human Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Bosch Prostate Cancer Focus Group (BPCFG)
Professor Des Richardson
Iron Metabolism & Chelation Program
Bosch Prostate Cancer Focus Group (BPCFG)
Dr Atomu Sawatari
Systems Neuroscience Laboratory
Dr Alexandra Sharland
Collaborative Transplantation Group
Dr Jaskirat Singh
Cancer Genetics Group
Dr Samuel Solomon
Laboratory of Vision and Cognition
Professor Roland Stocker
Centre for Vascular Research University of Sydney
Professor Jonathan Stone
Retinal and Cerebral Neurobiology
Professor Ron Trent
Medical Genetics Laboratory
Associate Professor Stephen Twigg
Diabetic Complications Group
Associate Professor Robert Vandenberg
Transporter Biology Group
Associate Professor Karen Waters
SIDS & Sleep Apnoea Group
Professor Bill Webster
Reproductive Toxicology Laboratory & CHALUS
Professor Anthony Weiss
Elastin and Elastic Tissue Engineering
Dr Paul Witting
Vascular Biology Laboratory
Redox Biology Group
Professor Dennis Yue
Diabetic Complications Group
Dr Hala Zreiqat
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Unit