Advanced Microscopy Facility

Room S443, Anderson Stuart Building

An Overview of Room S443, Anderson Stuart Building

The multi-user Advanced Microscopy Facility at the Bosch Institute provides access to, and expert training on basic transmitted light and fluorescence microscopes, advanced confocal microscopes and the PALM Combi System that combines laser microdissection pressure catapulting and optical tweezers in one instrument. To enquire about the facility or for more information please contact the Core Facility Manager or Microscopy Officer. To register to the Bosch AMF, please complete the registration form. Registered users also have access to image analysis and processing software such as MetaMorph and Bitplane Imaris Suite. For an overview of the Bosch AMF capabilities, please click the following link Bosch AMF new capabilities.

Upcoming Events: pre-FOM 2014 Workshop on Light Sheet Microscopy

The Bosch AMF and BMRI are hosting a pre-FOM 2014 Workshop on Light Sheet Microscopy on Sunday April 13th in the Anderson Stuart Building, F13 at the University of Sydney.

Come and learn more about home-built and the commercial light sheet microscopes that are now available.

For further reading please go to:
"The use of a planar sheet of light for illumination in fluorescence microscopy allows researchers to image sample volumes faster than possible with other current methods, while limiting light dosage. This collection of articles provides a brief overview of this exciting methodology and the biological research applications that it makes possible".

Please see the pdf attached for more information about this workshop.

Focus on Microscopy 2014: From Sunday April 13 to Wednesday April 16, 2014, FOM will be hosted at University of Sydney. An exciting program of workshops, presentations and posters is planned. The FOM2014 website will be updated in due course with the relevant information.

Core Facilities Manager

Dr Louise Cole

Dr Louise Cole
Ph: 9351 2520

Microscopy Officer

Dr Yingying Su

Dr Yingying Su
Ph: 9351 5802

Where to find the Bosch AMF

The majority of instruments in the Bosch AMF are located in the Anderson Stuart Building, F13 on the Camperdown Campus, The University of Sydney. See the map for directions.