Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph of the Year Competition

One of the highlights of every year at the Advanced Microscopy Facility is the Micrograph of the Year Competition. This competition is open to all Bosch members and registered users of the Facility.

Micrographs of 2015

Winners of the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph Of The Year (MOTY) 2015 competition.

Top 20 images of the 2015 MOTY
Sponsors of the 2015 MOTY competition

I am pleased to announce that once again we received a fabulous selection of images. The Top 20 images have been selected by the judges and these images are now on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room, Anderson Stuart Building F13, The University of Sydney.

The prize winners will be announced at approx. 3:35 PM on 18 June at the Bosch Institute Facility User Group Meeting. Click here to download the flyer. Click here to RSVP to the meeting.

We are enormously grateful to Anatomy & Histology (USYD) for sponsoring the printing of these images this year and to the following sponsors for assistance with printing (Vision Graphics) and for the donation of the fabulous prizes:

  • An iPad Mini - Bitplane Imaris
  • $250 - Leica Microsystems Australia
  • $250 - LasTek Australia
  • Nikon camera - Nikon Australia/Coherent Scientific
  • $150 - Bosch Institute
  • $100 - Bosch Institute
  • $100 - Life Technologies
  • A Kindle - Olympus Australia
  • A lab lunch for up to 10 people - Perkin Elmer

Micrographs of 2012

The Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility “Micrograph of the Year” Competition reaches its fifth year!

Thank you to all the participants to the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph of the Year 2012 Competition. It’s been a great year and we’ve received lots of excellent micrographs for this year’s competition.
The winners were announced at the end of the Bosch Young Investigators Symposium on Friday December 7th. Congratulations to all of the prize winners and well done to all the Top 20 entrants. All of the Top 20 images can be seen on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room until Friday Dec 14th and then in the lobby of the Medical Foundation Building until the end of January 2013.

Thanks again to A/Prof. Cedric Shorey (Anatomy & Histology) and Dr Jenny Whiting (ACMM) for judging the competition and to all the sponsors who so generously supported this competition: Bosch Institute, Carl Zeiss Australia, BioStrategy and Molecular Devices, Olympus Australia, Nikon Australia and Coherent Scientific, Perkin Elmer, Leica Microsystems, LasTek and LaVision BioTec.

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Top 18 Micrographs 2012

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Top 18 Micrographs 2012
Images taken by:
Top row (left to right): Charmaine Green, Emily Don, Connie Poon, Samson Dowland, Anandwardhan Hardikar
Second row (left to right): Michael Lovelace, Yuki Sugiyama, Sivaraman Purushothuman, Glib Popov, Anastasia Sizemova
Third row (left to right): Thomas Owens, Mahmoud Karimi Azardaryany, Michael Lovelace, Shawna Foo, Giselle Yeo
Bottom row (left to right): Gavin Tjin, Thomas Ashurst, Lowenna Holt

Sivaraman Purushothuman
PhD Student; Retinal & Cerebral Neurobiology Lab (Labhead: Prof. Jonathan Stone); Department of Physiology; Bosch Institute, The University of Sydney
Title: “Flashpoint of dementia – a microaneurysm in the aging, demented brain”

2012 First Prize

Lowenna Holt
Senior Postdoc; Diabetes and Metabolism Laboratory (Labhead: A/Prof. Gregory Cooney); Metabolic Diseases; Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Title: “Visualising myofibres within a leg muscle”

2012 Second Prize

Gavin Tjin
PhD Candidate; Cell Biology Lab (Prof. Judy Black); Sydney Medical School, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
Title: “Collagen in the airways and Collagen in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis”

2012 Third Prize

Thomas Owens
Postdoctoral Research Associate; Developmental and Cancer Biology Group (Labhead: Matthew Naylor); Discipline of Physiology, The University of Sydney
Title: “Branching mammary epithelial cells”

2012 Fourth Prize

Shawna Foo
PhD Student; Byrne Lab (Supervisor: Maria Byrne); Discipline of Anatomy and Histology, School of Medical Sciences, The University of Sydney
Title: “The Anatomy of a Juvenile Sea Urchin”

2012 Fifth Prize

Giselle Yeo
PhD Student; Weiss Lab (Supervisor: Prof. Anthony Weiss); School of Biological Science, The University of Sydney
Title: “Mutant Elastin Hydrogel”

2012 Sixth Prize

Yuki Sugiyama
Postdoctoral Fellow; Eye lens laboratory, (Supervisor, John McAvoy, Discipline of Clinical Ophthalmolgy, and Frank Lovicu, Anatomy and Histology), The University of Sydney
Title: “A BrdU incorporated cell in adult mouse lens epithelium”

2012 Seventh Prize

Emily Don
PhD Student; Laboratory of Development and Disease Models in Zebrafish (Labhead: Nicholas Cole); Department of Anatomy and Histology, Bosch Institute, The University of Sydney
Title: “Brightfield image of bone & cartilage staining of the pelvic fins of a zebrafish”

2012 Eighth Prize

Michael Lovelace
Postdoctoral Fellow; Vascular Biology Laboratory (Superviso: Prof. Jenny Gamble); Centenary Institute
Title: “Localisation of SENEX to microtubules”

2012 Ninth Prize

Micrographs of 2011

The images for the micrograph competition this year were fantastic as always. Thank you to everyone who entered and the fabulous judges (Assoc. Prof Cedric Shorey (Anatomy) and Jenny Whiting (EMU)). The top 20 images were on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room and in the foyer of the Medical Foundation building. A big thankyou to all the sponsors who kindly donated all of the prizes; LaVision BioTec, Leica Microsystems, Lastek, PerkinElmer, Carl Zeiss, Bio-Strategy, Molecular Devices, Coherent Scientific, Nikon, Molecular Probes and Life Technologies.

Micrograph Competition Top 20 Images

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Top 20 Micrographs 2011
Images taken by (left to right):
Top row: Zhiqiang (Charlie) Chen, Siva Purushothuman, Matthew Zada, Ping Hu, Errin Johnson.
Second row: Gavin Tjin, Sam Dowland, Ping Hu, Sharissa Latham, Romanthi Madawala.
Third row: Patricia Banaczek, Tariq Chohan, Delfine Cheng, Steven Eamegdool, Charmaine Green.
Fourth row: Minh Huynh, Anson Cheng, Megan Steain, Kennedy Wolfe, Clare Gordon-Thomson.

STEVEN EAMEGDOOL (Chan-Ling Lab, Anatomy)
“The Art of Science”

First Prize 2011

MEGAN STEAIN (Varicella zoster virus lab)
“T cell-neuron interactions during herpes zoster”

Second Prize 2011

KENNEDY WOLFE (Professor Maria Byrne’s Lab, Anatomy & Histology)
“Prehistoric Pedicellaria”

Third Prize 2011

CHARMAINE GREEN (Developmental Physiology, Dr Margot Day’s Lab)
“Baby’s escape from its blanket reveals IGR-1R localisation”

Fourth Prize 2011

CLARE GORDON-THOMSON (Vitamin D, Bone and Skin Lab, Professor Rebecca Mason’s Lab)
“Comet assay: UV-induced DNA damage in skin cells”
Prize accepted by Melissa Baron

Fifth Prize 2011

SAM DOWLAND (Cell and Reproductive Biology Laboratory, Professor Chris Murphy’s Lab)
“Brush Border of Small Intestine”

Sixth Prize 2011

ROMANTHI MADAWALA (Cell and Reproductive Biology Laboratory, Professor Chris Murphy’s Lab)
“Red Green and Blue: Oesophageal localization of Caveolin 1 ICAM-1”

Seventh Prize 2011

SIVA PURUSHOTHUMAN (Retinal and Cerebral Neurobiology Group, Physiology)
“Amyloid Beta plaques occur in close proximity to a cerebral blood vessel and its branches.”

Molecular Probes Winner 2011

Micrographs of 2010

It has been yet another great year for the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph Competition. In the end there were SEVENTY-TWO entries! So a huge thank-you to all who entered. Assoc. Prof Cedric Shorey (Honorary Associate in the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology) and Jenny Whiting (EMU, previously Wellcome Trust Foundation, UK) had the difficult task (once again) of judging the competition ie. selecting the Top 20 as well as the winners. This job gets tougher every year!

As usual, the TOP 20 micrographs were on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room from Monday November 22nd to 4.00 pm Friday December 3rd inclusive.

Top 20 Micrographs 2010

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Top 20 Micrographs 2010
Images taken by Bosch members and AMF users:
Top row (left to right): Carsten Minten, Jarred Bambridge, Michelle Gerke, Yui Kaneko, Haydn Allbutt
Second row (left to right): Hyunchul Lee, Nathan Coorey, Yui Murata & Marco Morsch, Megan Steain, Steven Eamegdool
Third row (left to right): Tariq Chohan, Gagandeep Kaur, Sharissa Latham, Louise Baxter, Steven Eamegdool
Bottom row (left to right): Nick Cole, Hussein Mansour, Andrew Arthur, Michael Lovelace, Yan Li

This year there were seven winners (this includes the most-coveted Micrograph of the Year award). All winners were announced after the Bosch Young Investigators Symposium on Tuesday November 30th.

First prize: $250 sponsored by Bosch Institute
Yui Murata and Marco Morsch

Bill Phillips lab, Physiology, Bosch Institute
3D projected image of three neuromuscular junctions

1st Prize Winner 2010

Second prize: iPod Touch sponsored by LasTek
Michael Lovelace

Tailoi Chan-Ling lab, Discipline of Anatomy and Histology
“The dawn of neurodevelopment – the migratory journey of neural precursors”

2nd Prize Winner 2010

Third prize: Compact binoculars sponsored by Carl Zeiss
Nathan Coorey

Gillies Research Group, Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health, Save Sight Institute
Organisation of Müller cells in the mouse retina.

3rd Prize Winner 2010

Fourth prize: Compact digital camera sponsored by Olympus Australia
Andrew Arthur

Karen Cullen Laboratory, Discipline of Anatomy & Histology
Image showing clear co-localisation of Alzheimer plaques and microvessels in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

4th Prize Winner 2010

Fifth Prize: Compact digital camera sponsored by Nikon/Coherent Scientific
Gagandeep Kaur

Michelle Gerke lab, Discipline of Anatomy & Histology
The sick and the dead....image of primary sensory neurons

5th Prize Winner 2010

Sixth prize: iPod shuffle sponsored by Perkin Elmer
Yui Kaneko

Chris Murphy Lab, Anatomy & Histology, Bosch Institute
“Landing Blastocyst: The moment of implantation”

6th Prize Winner 2010

Seventh prize: iPod nano sponsored by Leica Microsystems Australia
Haydn Allbutt

Physiology, School of Medical Sciences,
A histochemically-stained coronal section through the thalamus of a Sprague dawley rat

7th Prize Winner 2010

This competition was proudly sponsored by Carl Zeiss, Olympus, Leica Microsystems, Nikon Australia, Perkin Elmer, LasTek and the Bosch Institute.

Micrographs of 2009

Thanks to all that entered the Bosch Institute AMF Micrograph of the Year Competition in 2009 (and to those supervisors who encouraged their students!). It was another great year. The Top 20 images were on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room and the Top 5 winners were announced at the end of the Bosch Young Investigators Symposium 2009. Thanks again to the two judges, Assoc Prof. Cedric Shorey (Anatomy & Histology) and Jenny Whiting (EMU), for doing such a fine but difficult job in selecting the winners. I would like to say a special thanks to all the sponsors, since this Competition would have not been possible without their very kind donation of the prizes! Special thanks to Carl Zeiss, Olympus Australia, Nikon/Coherent Scientific, Leica Microsystems and the Bosch Institute.

Top 20 Micrographs 2009

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Top 20 Micrographs 2009
Images taken by Bosch members and AMF users (left to right):
Top row: Jin Huang, Michael Lovelace, Lisa Nivison-Smith, Jenny Brockhausen, Andrew Affleck
Second row: Luis Munoz-Erazo, Komal Prabhu, Emily Don, Connie Poon, Francine Marquez
Third row: Hussein Mansour, Lisa Nivison-Smith, Hussein Mansour, Sivaraman Purushothuman, De Lian Goh
Bottom row: Ineka Whiteman, Sivaraman Purushothuman, Emily Don, Jenny Brockhausen, Nazanin Ghazanfari

Top 5 Micrographs 2009

Congratulations to the Top 5 2009 winners shown here from left to right:

First prize: Connie Poon (Anatomy & Histology, Bosch Institute)
3D projected image of a rat blastocyst in the process of hatching from its external zona pellucida (patchy outer coat surrounding the cellular mass of the blastocyst). Image taken using Zeiss LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope. Blue staining shows cell nuclei of the trophoblast cells comprising the blastocyst and green staining shows the localisation of Mucin 15 protein. This hatching process is necessary to allow the blastocyst to adhere and interact with the epithelial cells of the uterus to allow for implantation and subsequent pregnancy to occur.
Second prize: Hussein Mansour (Anatomy & Histology, Bosch Institute)
Immunohistochemistry of retinal whole mounts shows α-smooth muscle actin (SMA) labelling of inter-laminar fibrous layer (red), NG2-labelling of pericyte cells (blue) and nestin-labelled intermediate filamentous protein at leading edge and branch points (green). This image demonstrates the multi-cytoarchitectural composition of small capillaries that ensures vessel growth and stability of newly formed and aging blood vessels.
Third prize: Emily Don (Anatomy & Histology, Bosch Institute)
Confocal image showing the ventral view of a juvenile Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Anterior is to the top of the image. The newly formed pelvic fins can be seen just anterior to the cloaca, either side of the retreating larval fin fold.
Fourth prize: Andrew Affleck (Physiology, Bosch Institute)
Maximum intensity projection of a 3D orthogonal image of chicken basilar papilla hair cells stained with anti-CtBP2 (C-terminal binding protein) (green) for labeling of ribbon synapse and anti-GluR 2/3 (Glutamate receptor) (red) for labeling glutamate receptor types 2 and 3 inherent in the afferent nerve terminals on the post-synaptic surface. The latter receptor unspecifically aggregated to supporting structures most notably the hair bundle on the apical border to the hair cell. Image taken on Zeiss LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope.
Fifth prize: Sivaraman Purushothuman (Physiology, Bosch Institute)
Structure of cell death: In the brain of a transgenic mouse, haemorrhage has caused cell death and cellular debris is compacted by activated macrophages. The compacting is non-random; an autofluorescent core of yellow-green material is surrounded by a halo of fragmented nuclear DNA (blue), with an outer halo of cytoskeletal fragments of dead astrocytes (red). Image taken with deconvolution microscope.

Micrographs of 2008

In 2008, the competition was judged by Assoc. Prof. Cedric Shorey. Assoc. Prof. Shorey was astounded by the high standard of images submitted for the competition. Almost 60 images were received illustrating a wide variety of biological samples, cell and tissue preparation methods and both light and laser microscope techniques.

The Top 20 micrographs were mounted and displayed in the Anderson Stuart Common Room during the week of the Bosch Young Investigators (BYI) Symposium in December 2008.

Top 20 micrographs 2008

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Top 20 Micrographs 2008
Images taken by Bosch members and AMF users (left to right):
Top row: Richard Sarafian, Richard Sarafian, Caroline Reddel, Daniel Bax, Minh Huynh
Second row: Komal Prabhu, Andrea Markus, Liz Sloan, Komal Prabhu, Megan Steain
Third row: Michael Lovelace, Yan Li, Hyunchul Lee, Rachel Terry, Yui Kaneko
Bottom row: Evan McFarland, Nick Whitehead, Boating Zhang, Erica Jeong, Margot Day

At the conclusion of the BYI Symposium, the Top 5 winners (images shown below) were presented with fabulous prizes that were generously donated by the Bosch Institute, Carl Zeiss, Nikon and Coherent Scientific, Olympus Australia and Perkin Elmer. Well done to all who entered the Competition!

Top 5 Micrographs 2008

Top 5 Micrographs 2008
From left to right:
First prize: Yan Li (Human Reproduction Unit, Royal North Shore Hospital)
Fertilization Point: Mouse 1-cell embryo double-stained for nuclear DNA (Propidium Iodide, red) and methylated 5-cytidine in DNA (FITC. green). It shows the time of fertilization when a sperm first attaches to the surface of the oocyte. This triggers the second meiotic division. It also shows differential DNA methylation in each set of chromosomes.
Second prizes:

  • Nick Whitehead (Physiology, Bosch Institute)
    Image shows one of the NADPH oxidase proteins, p22phox (green), which co-localises with Caveolin-3 (red) along the muscle fibre surface membrane of an mdx mouse. Nuclei are identified by DAPI staining (blue).
  • Andrea Markus (Basic & Clinical Genomics Lab, Physiology, Bosch Institute) Image shows co-localization of the RNA binding protein RBM4 (red) with gamma-tubulin (green) in the centrosomes of HEK293 cells during mitosis. Cell nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue).
  • Erica Jeong (Anatomy, Bosch Institute) Image shows a 4-day old in vitro cultured cell from tectal tissues of 7-day old chick embryos. Cells were stained with total Tau antibody (red), phalloidin (green) and DAPI (blue).

Third prize: Hyunchul Lee (Physiology)
A medium-spiny projection neuron in the mouse caudate-putamen was filled with neurobiotin using a patch-pipette and visualized using cobalt chloride and diaminobenzidine. These cells reach out with their multiple spiny arbors to gather valuable information arriving from the cortex, sending their own message via long axons to the globus pallidus (pale globe) and the dopamine-secreting subtantia nigra (black substance).

Prize winners 2008

Bosch AMF Micrograph Competition's Top 20 Images
From left to right: Andrea Markus checking out the top 20 images on display!, 2008 winner Nick Whitehead (middle) receives his prize from Assoc. Prof Cedric Shorey and Sue Hart (Carl Zeiss), 2008 winner Erica Jeong (middle) receives her prize from Assoc. Prof. Cedric Shorey and Sophie Tran (Nikon/Coherent Scientific).