LaVision BioTec TriM Scope II Single Beam 2-Photon Microscope


This second generation two-photon microscope optimized for deep penetration depth and intra-vital imaging arrives at the Bosch AMF in August 2010.

The TriM Scope II multi photon system represents the LaVision BioTec second generation of two photon microscopes and is designed for fast and deep imaging in a multi-user environment. It is a single beam instrument that includes an upright Olympus BX51 WI microscope stand. It is equipped with two high sensitive NDD detectors (PMTs) close to the objective lens and 3 additional PMTs. Since image brightness in two-photon microscopy scales directly with the inverted pulse length, the TriM Scope utilizes a prism based pre-chirp compensator to keep the laser pulse length < 150 fs in the object plane. This TriM Scope two-photon microscope is fitted with a Coherent Scientific Chameleon Ultra II Ti:Sapphire laser (tuning range 680-1080 nm) and a Chameleon OPO that allows automated Wavelength Extension (1000 to 1600 nm) for imaging red dyes. The system also has an extension port that allows white light illumination of the sample as well as the alternative SHG/THG detection in transmission.

The system includes a LaVision BioTec xyz-stage for intravital microscopy, it allows 150 mm free space in the horizontal plane around the objective, 200 mm free space below the objective and an objective mount with adjustable angle of approach that changes the angle of the objective 45º towards or 30º away from the operator. Thus, offers the ideal set-up for intra-vital imaging.

Funding for this microscope was provided by ARC LIEF Infrastructure Grant 2009 and NHMRC Equipment Grant 2008.