Animal Behavioural Facility (ABF)


The Bosch Institute’s Animal Behavioural Facility (ABF) is a centre for researchers working with rodents, with a focus on behavioural analyses. We offer services and access to sophisticated behavioural testing equipment, including:

  • 8 IntelliCages for automated cognitive screening and phenotyping (mice);
  • 4 Bussey-Saksida Touchscreen Chambers for automated and flexible operant conditioning;
  • A light delivery system for in vivo optogenetic experiments;
  • A Topscan software license for real-time or offline video analysis of common laboratory rodent behavioural tests;
  • An Elevated Plus Maze
  • A Gait Analysis System for the detailed analysis of rodent motor function;
  • 4 three-chamber Conditioned Place Preference (CPP) boxes for studying the rewarding and aversive properties of drugs and other treatments;
  • A Rotarod for assessing motor function (both rats and mice);
  • A complete Ultrasonic Vocalisation Analysis System for the study of communicative behaviours in rodents;
  • A Balance Beam for the study of vestibular and motor function in mice;
  • 2 Grip Strength Meters for measuring limb strength in rodents.
  • Open Fields, Y-Maze, Novel Object Recognition, Fear Conditioning and more.

We provide expertise for all aspects of experimental design, execution and analyses, as well as novel behavioural solutions and ongoing support.

To become a registered member of the ABF, please complete the registration form. All registered users, once trained, will have access to the available equipment and services.

We also offer A Practical Introduction to Working with Laboratory Mice. Please enquire to arrange a session or for further information.

Contact us

The Bosch Institute Animal Behavioural Facility Research Officer:

Mr Thomas Burton
Ph: 9114 1431

ABFO Thomas Burton

ABF Officer Thomas Burton