A 12 month ABF membership will give researchers access to:

  • Training on ABF equipment
    On-site group workshop or one-on-one instruction with the ABF Officer are available.
  • Access to ABF equipment
    A standard booking calendar governs availability.
  • Access to other relevant technologies and accessories
    Useful instruments for behavioural testing and general animal work such as video cameras, computers, testing arenas, tools, weighing scales, anaesthesia machines and isoflurane are available to ABF members at the Bosch Rodent Facility.
  • Ongoing support
    The ABF Officer is on-site to assist with all aspects of the experiments. Moreover, we have excellent relationships with the manufacturers of our equipment who give rapid, helpful advice when approached.
  • New behavioural solutions
    At the ABF we will accommodate your behavioural needs as best we can. If your requirements lay outside our current capabilities we can work with you to design specialised tests.
  • Data storage
    We have a Research Data Storage drive maintained by ICT with sufficient space to back up your data.
  • Assistance and advice with experimental design
    The ABF Officer is available for consultation regarding project design which is particularly useful for researchers with little or no behavioural experience.
  • Assistance with experimental preparation
    The ABF Officer is on-site to help to organise equipment and prepare animals.
  • Access to special workshops
    Workshops will be organised that are not directly related to the ABF equipment. An example of this would be a basic behavioural statistics workshop.
  • Assistance with Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) project clearance
    We have AEC approved Standard Operating Procedures for Behaviour testing in mice using the Intellicage system which can be referred to in Animal Ethics applications. Moreover, the ABF Officer may be consulted when preparing an application for AEC approval.
  • Potential for collaboration on funding applications
    Many major equipment grant bodies look favourably on proposals that encourage collaboration between laboratories and departments through the purchase of multi-user equipment. We are always looking to expand our range of equipment, widen the scope of our research and keep up with current trends in our field for the benefit of our local research community.