Bio2E Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Experimental Design Facility

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Founded in 2015, the multi-user Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Experimental Design (Bio2E) Facility is the newest Bosch Institute Facility.
The facility runs training workshops in biostatistics and bioinformatics and also provides advice on specific projects. Biostatistics training utilises open source software (R) and software available to University of Sydney staff and students. Assistance with bioinformatics analysis focuses on freely available tools and platforms. Membership of the facility provides access to training workshops and consultations.

Bio2E Facility Officer

This position is currently vacant.
For further information contact the Bosch Institute COO, Charean Adams on 9114 0567.

Location: Room N254 F13 - Anderson Stuart Building
The University of Sydney
See the map for directions.

Phone: 8627 6867

Bio2E Facility Membership

Membership provides access to the services offered by the Bio2E facility. Users can choose between annual and single semester registration.

Membership entitles the user to attendance at all Bio2E workshops during the year or semester. Workshop registration is still required, but no fee is payable.

Membership also entitles users to individual consultations by appointment.

To become a registered user of the Bio2E Facility, please follow the link in the right hand pane to the membership form. Forward the completed form to the Bio2E Facility Officer for processing.