Resources, Software, Links

Bosch Bio2E resources

The University of Sydney statistics resources

Open Source Statistics software

  • R is a widely-used statistical and graphical programming language.
  • Rstudio is a more user-friendly environment for working with R.
  • JASP JASP is an open source project based in the University of Amsterdam. It offers Bayesian methods as well as classical

Power analysis and Sample size calculation

  • G*Power is a well-documented package from the University of Dusseldorf
  • PASS Power analysis and sample size calculation from NCSS
  • Powerandsamplesize Another tool produced by a consulting group in the USA

Open Source bioinformatics software and resources

  • Bioconductor hosts many of the R packages related to genomics analysis
  • Galaxy is an open source platform for analysing sequencing data
  • Gene Pattern provides a web interface for using tools to analyse genomics data
  • GATK Genome Analysis Toolkit developed by the Broad Institute
  • Ensembl Ensemble is a genome browser for vertebrate genomes
  • DAVID Database for Annotation Visualisation and Integrated Discovery

External Sites

  • IDRE From UCLA (USA) contains an extensive list of statistical tests and how to perform them in R, SPSS and SAS
  • Equator Network Health research resource with tools for reporting guidelines
  • Nature Statistics for Biologists Points of Significance series from