Flow cytometry laboratory

The Bosch Flow Cytometry Facility manages instruments in the Medical Foundation Building. The Bosch Facility works in close coordination with the Advanced Cytometry Facility currently based in the Centenary Institute.

The Facility's cytometers are as follows:

Please contact the Live Cell Analysis Officer if you wish to be trained in the use of a piece of equipment and to become a registered user.

iMac27-inch with FloJo

An iMac27-inch with FloJo is provided to analyse the data obtained with the FACSCalibur. The large size of the screen facilitates analysis.

FACScalibur Sort

This is a standard flow cytometer with analytical and sorting capabilities. It is used for routine applications.

Sir Zelman Cowen Live Cell Analysis Officer

Dr Angeles Sanchez-Perez

+61 2 9036 3223

+61 2 9036 3316

+61 421 846 284


Room G34a
K25 - Medical Foundation Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia