Leica 1510S Cryostat

Image of Leica 1510S Cryostats

The cryostat is a rotary microtome contained in a mechanically refrigerated chamber that is used to cut sections of frozen tissues. The Leica CM1510 S is a powerful cryostat for routine as well as research applications in biology, medicine and industry. The instrument has been designed for rapid freezing and sectioning of tissue samples.


Olympus BX51 with DP70 camera

Image of Olympus BX51 with DP70 camera

The OLYMPUS BX51 research microscope is a union of Olympus infinity corrected optical systems (UIS2 – universal infinity system) and advanced fluorescence or differential interference contrast DIC (Nomarski) technology. The Olympus DP70 is a 12.5 million-pixel cooled digital color camera system with 36-bits of RGB color depth.

Microscope Olympus BX51:

Camera DP70: