Nucleic Acid Analysis

Rotor Gene Q

Image of Rotor Gene Q

The Rotor-Gene Q is a state-of-the-art innovative instrument that enables high-precision real-time PCR, end-point PCR, and high resolution melt (HRM) analysis. It is highly suited for use in gene expression analysis, genotyping, pathogen detection, and many other areas of research. It has 6 channels that detect blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and crimson fluorophores.

The Rotor-Gene Q uses a sophisticated heating and cooling design to achieve optimal reaction conditions. The unique rotary format ensures thermal and optical uniformity between samples which is critical for precise and reliable analysis. The powerful and user-friendly software provides simplicity for beginners as well as an open experimental platform for advanced users.

The Rotor-Gene Q can be used with a variety of PCR tubes and rotor-discs. A rotor-dics heat sealer is available in the LCAF.

Rotor-Gene Q:

CAS-1200 automated PCR set up

Image of CAS-1200

The CAS-1200 is an easy to use robot developed specifically for the set up of real-time quantitative PCRs. The results achieved match or exceed the best hand pipetting. Set up is also fast; a 96-well plate takes about 20 minutes. The system is pre-configured to work with all PCR tube types.

The CAS-1200: