2014 NSW Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting (ANZSCDB):

Jia Hao Yeo, Mohammad A. Al-Drees, Vickie Xie, Iain Campbell & Stuart Fraser. IRF-8 deficient bone marrow macrophages with altered actin polymerisation affect EBI formation

Badwi Boumelhem, Stephen Assinder & Stuart Fraser. In Vitro model of prostate development: the search for a surface marker

Mohammad A. Al-Drees, Jia Hao Yeo, Alexander Prudence, Vickie Xie, Iain Campbell & Stuart Fraser. Characterising the haematopoietic stem cell niche throughout embryonic and post natal development

Austin Ko, Frank Lovicu & Stuart Fraser. Sprouty2 regulates thymus and Peyer’s Patch organogenesis

Chanuka Colonne & Stuart Fraser. The expression of the cell surface phosphatase CD45 is inhibited during stress erythropoiesis