User Supports


  • All new users must complete the User Registration Form before using the equipment.
  • They must also be fully trained on the required equipment by the LCAF officer.

How do I Register with the LCAF?

1. Contact the LCAF officer

2. Complete the LCAF registration form and pay the fees

3. Arrange for training

What Training is Provided?

The LCAF not only provides instrument training, but also teaches the basic concepts necessary to understand the techniques used. The theoretical training is reinforced by one-on-one hands-on training sessions on the instruments.
The Facility Officer also provides advice on experimental procedures and reagents.

User Request/ Enquiry

To enquire about the facility or for more information please contact the LCAF Facility Officer.

Dr Angeles Sanchez-Perez
Rm G41, Medical Foundation Building (K25)
Ph: 903 63223, Mob: 0421846284

User Agreement

PLEASE NOTE that by joining the Bosch Live Cell Analysis Facility (LCAF), you agree to:

  • Not to share the password or log in details with anybody. Registration is per person per natural year (e.g. 2016).
  • Acknowledge the Facility and/or the LCAF Officer on any publications resulting from the use of the Facility.
  • Abide by the Facility’s rules.

Equipment Booking

Only fully trained and registered LCAF users can book the instruments directly.

To book an instrument visit the online booking system and follow the instructions.
Make sure that your bookings do not overlap with existing instrument bookings, and
modify booking times if necessary.


The Bosch Live Cell Analysis Facility is concerned with the safety and health of all individuals who use the LCAF. Please ensure that you read the relevant OHS documentation prior to using our equipment.

University of Sydney OHS Policy:

Australian Standard AS/NZS 2243.1 Safety in Laboratories

Image of Angeles Sanchez-Perez (Facility Officer)

To become a Registered User of the Live Cell Analysis Facility, please download a User Registration Request Form (Registration 2016) or (PDF format). Please complete and sign the form, then forward it to the Facility Officer for processing.