EC HPLC/CoulArray Detector

The ESA CoulArray Detector is a coulometric multi-electrode electrochemical detector for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

The instrument is designed to detect and quantify trace levels of redox active compounds in complex matrices. The coulometric array detector allows full resolution in the electrode axis enabling the separation of compounds co-eluting from the column but with different oxidation potentials. It is particularly useful for applications requiring high level of confidence in peak purity or the simultaneous separation of a large number of compounds. A typical application is the analysis of a broad range of biogenic amines and low molecular weight non-proteinaceous antioxidants in biological fluids and tissues.

The system includes:

  • An LC system (Agilent 1200 series)
  • Cooled autosampler
  • An electrochemical detector (with up to 8 electrochemical cells)
  • A thermostated organiser module to house the column and cells
  • Application software for instrument control, data acquisition, data processing and data reporting
  • The system can also be connected to a multi-wavelength UV detector and a fluoresence detector in parallel
HPLC/CoulArray system

EC-HPLC/CoulArray system