General Equipment

Biological safety cabinet

Gelaire Laminar Air Flow: Gelaire BH class 2 biological safety cabinets do not use pressure switches or have the inherent limitation of unreliable alarm sensitivity.
A microprocessor-based monitoring system automatically controls all functions and safety alarms.
Sensitive rotating vane anemometers detect the smallest variation in airflow.
Fans automatically adjust to maintain safe airflows, regardless of gradual filter dust loading or power fluctuations.
Laminar flow and air barrier velocities are constant displayed in an illuminated LCD.

CO2 incubator

Thermo Scientific CO2Incubator HERAcell® 150 i / 240 i: Manual and More information.

Inverted microscope

Olympus CKX41 inverted microscope:The CKX41 inverted microscope with trinocular head options and fluorescence upgrade capability is suitable for advanced techniques such as the imaging of GFP and other fluorescence applications. The high-angle tilting head allows quick and easy visual checks, while advanced UIS2 optics produce outstanding images. Visibility is further increased with Olympus relief contrast, particularly when using non-glass cell culture vessels, and productivity is increased with pre-centred phase contrast. Digital cameras can be connected for efficient documentation tasks and archiving. More information


Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415R. More information.
Eppendorf centrifuge 5810R. More information.

Concentrator plus

Eppendorf Concentrator Plus: The Concentrator’s heating technology optimizes the evaporation process. No matter which configuration you choose, you’re assured of quick and efficient–yet gentle–vacuum concentration of your samples (e.g. DNA/RNA, proteins).
The complete system includes a vapour condenser that purifies the exhaust air by up to 85%. This serves as protection against unpleasant vapours.
The new Concentrator plus features a new LCD display and user-friendly control panel with clearly labeled function keys.
More Information

Shaking water bath

The Ratek Shaking waterbath is suited to a variety of procedures where temperature controlled water and agitation is required. Waterbaths are utilised in a wide variety of biomedical, life science, and industrial applications as well as in commercial kitchen cooking techniques such as Sous Vide. Specific applications include Cell Cultures, Cell Aeration, Increasing Solubility Rates, Molecular Biology Assays, Bacterial Cultures and Hybridisation Applications. More information

Dry block heater and evaporator / Nitrogen blowing down system (40 needle capacity)

Ratek digital block heaters use a custom designed temperature controller to ensure accurate and stable temperature control. The large LED display can show set and actual temperature, plus alarm set point value. Two temperature ranges are available Ambient +5° to 150°c with 1°c indication or ambient + 5° to 99.9°c with 0.1°c indication. More information
Nitrogen blowing down system can be fitted to any of the range of Ratek analogue or digital block heaters in the DBH20, DBH30 and DBH40 series. This evaporation system is also known as
Gassing Manifold, Sample Concentrator, Nitrogen Blow Down System. More information

Tissue homogeniser

Sartorius Potter S Homogenizer:is well-established and suited for gentle disruption of soft tissues or cultured cells. An integrated cooling vessel filled with ice water or connected to an external cooling system, helps to control heating of the sample during homogenization in order to slow down degradation processes. More information

Vacuum extraction manifold

The VacElut 20 with a large glass basin and collection rack accommodates larger 16 x 150 mm test tubes. The same high quality material and features on the standard Vac Elut system are incorporated on this special unit. These collection vessels can be utilized in combinatorial chemistry applications using large boiling tubes for collection of purified synthesis mixtures, or for any SPE extraction in which an elution volume greater than 10 mL is required. More information


NewClassic MS Semi-Micro Balance: More information.

pH meter

S20 SevenEasy pH. More information

Freeze dryer

ALPHA 1-2 LDplus Freeze Dryer
Applications: Suitable for drying in 8 round bottom flasks, wide neck filter bottles, ampoules and on 3 unheated shelves (alternatively sealing device with 2 unheated shelves of 200mm diameter).
More information

Drying ovens

Labmaster incubating oven (5-100 °C)
Labwit drying oven 55L (5-200 °C). More information

Sonicating water bath

Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner: More information