Single Quadrupole LC/MS

Agilent G6120B single quadrupole mass spectrometer was installed in 2012 and relocated at BMSF in Nov, 2013. Equipped with electrospray ionization (ESI) ion source, DAD and 1260 infinity LC series, the instrument is ideal to perform both qualitative and quatitative analysis on a range of samples including drugs, environmental contaminants, pharmaceuticals and peptides. The typical mass range is 1-3000 Da. Widely used ChemStation software is for the convenient use of data acquisition and analysis.

Types of data acquisition include:

  • Scan versus selected ion monitoring (SIM)
  • SIM mode
  • Generation of fragment (daughter) ions
  • Positive versus negative ions
  • Multiple signal acquisition such as polarity switching; alternating high/low fragmentor, and alternating SIM/scan

Features include:

  • Ultra-fast ion polarity switching lets you obtain both positive and negative spectra (up to 20 spectra/second), providing maximum information from a single injection
  • Faster injection-to-injection cycle time (<10 seconds) lets you run more samples per hour.
  • Supports walk-up operation, mass-based fraction collection, and data conversion to MassHunter.
  • Supports front end separation techniques such as SFC, CE and direct sampling devices.

Instrumentation includes:

  • Binary Pump (G1312A)
  • 1260 Quaternary pump (G1311B)
  • 1260 Degasser (G1379B)
  • 1260 ALS (G1329B)
  • DAD (G1315D)
  • 1260 TCC (G1316A)
  • Fraction collector (analytical scale, G1364C)
  • Single Q mass spectrometer (G6120B)
Single quadrupole mass spectrometer (Agilent G6120B)

Single quadrupole mass spectrometer (Agilent G6120B)