Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers are standard analytical tool for LC-MS/MS applications, in particular when accurate quantification is required.
With a QQQ MS several types of experiments can be performed including:

  • MS2 scan
  • Product ion scan
  • Precursor ion scan
  • Neutral loss scan
  • Single Reaction Monitoring
  • Multiple Reaction Monitoring


QQQ mass analysis is highly suitable for high throughput detection and accurate quantification of compounds, especially in complex biological matrices.

At present BMSF has available analytical procedures for the quantification of non-reacted and reacted probes specific for the detection of superoxide anion radical (O2-.) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in cells, tissues and other complex biological matrices.

Currently available methodologies make use of the following probes:

  • Hydroethidine (HE) - for detection of superoxide (O2-.)
  • Mito-hydroethidine (Mito-HE) – for detection of O2-. in mitochondria
  • Peroxy Green 1 (PG-1) – for detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • Mito-PY1- for the detection of H2O2 in mitochondria

Other analytical methods for the evaluation of oxidative stress include quantification of stable products resulting from the oxidation of proteins, lipids or DNA.
Currently available methods allow for quantification of:

  • Chloro-tyrosine - a marker of HOCl-induced protein damage
  • F2-isoprostanes - a reliable indicator of oxidative stress status and inflammation in vivo
  • Cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers - the predominant promutagenic DNA lesions induced by UV radiation


The Agilent 6400 Series Triple Quad LC/MS is equipped with the Electrospray Ion Source (ESI) with Agilent Jet Stream technology. The facility also has an alternative Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI) source available.

The system also includes:

  • Thermostated autosampler
  • Thermostated column compartment equiped with a 10 port switching valve, allowing for dual column selection, sample enrichment and sample clean up
  • Binary pump (ultra high performance, pressure up to 1200 bar)
  • Diode array (UV) detector
  • Application software for instrument control, data acquisition, data analysis and data reporting
Triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Agilent 6460)

Triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Agilent 6460)