BMSF User Support

Registration procedure

  1. Contact the . The director is happy to discuss any potential use of BMSF with Bosch members and external researchers.
  2. Arrange equipment training with the BMSF Officer
  3. Complete the BMSF registration form (PDF) / (Word)
  4. Pay access fee

User request

The BMSF Officer provides introductory training on all equipment. Advice on general chromatography queries, equipment and reagent suppliers is also available from the facility Officer.

Training courses

Group training workshops on the instruments are conducted bimonthly or as required. Individual training sessions may also be booked. For all information regarding training and registration please contact the BMSF Officer.

Online booking system

Only fully trained and registered users with an approved project can book the instruments directly.
To book an instrument, visit the online booking system and follow the instructions on the BMSF bookings page. A limitation to three consecutive days of use of the instruments may occur depending on the demand of the multi-user BMSF equipment.