Molecular Biology Facility

The Molecular Biology Facility (MBF) consists of five laboratories in the Anderson Stuart and Blackburn buildings. The Bosch Anderson Stuart PC2 Facility was officially open in September, 2011. The Bosch Blackburn PC2 facility was officially open in April, 2008 to service the needs of Institute staff located in the Blackburn / Bosch / Prince Alfred triangle. The Blackburn laboratory was developed as a joint venture with the Discipline of Surgery in the Central Clinical School.

Locations of Bosch MBF Laboratories

  • Anderson Stuart Building (F13): Room N232, W312, N452, N132-N138 (PC2 Facility)
  • Blackburn Building (D06): Room 319-325 (PC2 Facility)

MBF registration and training

All users of the Bosch Institute molecular biology facility must be trained in the use of each piece of equipment they wish to use and they also need to fill out a form so that a record of registered users can be maintained. Please contact the Molecular Biology Officer (below) if you wish to be trained in the use of a piece of equipment and to become a registered user. Please click here (pdf) or here (Word document) to download the Molecular Biology Facility registration form.

We run several molecular biology workshops, e.g. Western Blotting workshop and RT-qPCR workshop, and group training programs in a regular basis throughout the year. Please contact the Molecular Biology Officer for more details.

Contract Services

We provide contract services on live cell analysis using Seahorse Analyzers, IncuCyte ZOOM, xCelligence SP & DP systems, Guava easyCyte flow cytometer and Cytation 3 cell imaging system, nucleic acid analysis including DNA & RNA purification, Qubit assays, Bioanalyzer Nano RNA, Pico RNA and microRNA assays, single cell preparation using Fluidigm C1 system, PCR, qPCR, OpenArrays, QX200 Droplet digital PCR, Pyrosequencing, Wes Simple Western assays, Peggy Size-based or Charge-based Simple Western assays, Luminex multiplex assays, microplate assays, biomolecular interactions using Biacore T200, and NanoString nCounter assays etc. Please contact the Molecular Biology Officer ( for more details.

The popular services we currently provide (examples):

  • Western Blotting
  • qPCR
  • DNA Fragment Analysis
  • Bioanalyzer RNA QC
  • Digital PCR
  • nCounter assays
  • Pyrosequencing
  • Nucleic acid purification

Equipment List

Below is a list of the facility's equipment and key resources organised by category:

University of Sydney Work Health & Safety (WHS)

Molecular Biology Officer

Dr. Donna Lai, PhD Molecular Biology Officer
Dr. Sheng Hua, PhD Molecular Biology Technical Officer
Room N232, Anderson Stuart Building, F13
Room 318B, Blackburn Building, D06
Ph: +61 2 9351 8787 (Donna), +61 2 9351 6026 (Sheng)
+61 2 9351 4576 (Blackburn Office)
Fax:+61 2 9351 8400 (AS), +61 2 9114 0520 (BB)
Mobile: 0403 151 568 (Donna), 0405 382 568 (Sheng)
Email: ,