Optima TLX-120

Optima TLX-120 Ultracentrifuge Instruction Manual

Available Rotor:

TLA-110 Fixed-Angle Rotor (Titanium): Max speed (110,000rpm, 657,000 x g). (TLA-110 User Manual)

To select the right tubes for the TLA-110 rotor, please click here to download the ultracentrifuge catalog.


  • Max. rotor capability of 40.8ml
  • Sample volumes range from 2ml to 5.1ml per tube
  • Imbalance tolerant, direct vacuum encased, air-cooled drive system. Imbalance tolerance is +/- 0.5ml or 10%
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • 10 separate user programs, five step programming for optimum run times and delayed start and full digital display

Use of the ultracentrifuge in the Molecular Biology Facility

  • The ultracentrifuge is currently located in room 542, Molecular Biosciences Building (G08). There is an online booking system. Please book the centrifuge before you use it.
  • Users are responsible for supplying their own centrifuge tubes or purchasing tubes from our facility.
  • All users must be trained in the operation of the centrifuge by the Molecular Biology Officer. Please contact the Molecular Biology Officer if you wish to be trained.
Optima TLX-120 Ultracentrifuge

Optima TLX-120 Ultracentrifuge

TLA-110 Fixed Angle Rotor

TLA-110 Fixed Angle Rotor