Syngene G:Box Chemi HR16 BioImaging System


  • 16 bit CCD Monochrome Camera
  • Filters: UV filter , short pass filter and ND2.5 filter
  • Computer control of darkroom and camera/lens
  • Darkroom has full safety interlock with override for UV light
  • GeneSnap program controls the G:Box hardware to capture images and to process the captured images. "Neutral field correction" function can be used to compensate for the effects of any uneven illumination.
  • Real time live image for easy focusing and positioning.
  • AUTO-X automatic exposure control. Image sequence capture and display
  • Export image in range of formats (TIF, BMP, JPEG, PCX, GIF, WPG)
  • Fully automated and extremely flexible GeneTools Analysis software for gel analysis (e.g molecular weight, colony counting & spot blot)
  • Single window display of all data, images, histogram simultaneously. Display data in a variety of different ways (curves, bar charts, pie charts etc)
  • Automatic track, band and edge finding with manual override
  • Auto detection and correction for distorted tracks and grimmaced or curved bands
  • Automatic background correction
  • Multiple intensity/quantity calibration
  • Full GLP reporting (gel, lane, MW, Qty, track)
  • Automatic 1D gel, Colony counting, Slot blot, ELISA plate analysis

Use of the system in the Blackburn Molecular Biology Facility

  • online booking is available. Please plan ahead, book minimal time slots and stick to them
  • We only have 2 copies of GeneTools Analysis software - one installed in the computer connected to the G:Box system and another will be installed in another computer within the facility.
  • Please backup your images and delete them from the G:Box computer ASAP to free up spaces for optimal running of the system. Data left on the computer may be cleaned out/deleted at any time
  • There is a thermal printer attached to the computer for printing out your images. Please try to limit the print outs. You should only need one print out for your lab book. If you would like more copies of your images, please take the file away and use your own printer
  • If you know you are the last user for the day, please turn off the system and shut down the computer

Tips and additional information

  • There is a quick instruction for image capture posted on the wall adjacent to the system. Follow them before asking questions
  • If the system is turned off, the equipment needs to be turned on in the following order or it will not work properly:
  1. Switch on the darkroom using the on/off switch on the rear of the unit adjacent to the mains inlet socket
  2. Switch on the monitor, thermal printer and computer processor (hold the button in for 1-2 seconds
  3. Launch GeneSnap software and check that the darkroom and camera are all fully connected and working