General equipment


Clinical Chemistry Testing System



Shakers, Mixers, Thermomixer, Hybridisation Ovens, Sonicators

  • Eppendorf Thermomixer Comfort with 1.5ml and 2.0ml exchangeable thermoblock (Room N232, Anderson Stuart) online booking
  • Eppendorf MixMates (Anderson Stuart PC2 facility and Room 322, Blackburn) - online booking
  • Hybaid Shake 'n' Stack Hybridisation Ovens (Room N452, Anderson Stuart & Room 320, Blackburn) - online booking
  • Ratek Plate Shaker (Room N138, Human Tissue Room, Anderson Stuart PC2 Facility) - online booking
  • Ratek Plate Shaker (Cold room, Blackburn) - online booking
  • Ratek Orbital Mixer (Room N232, Anderson Stuart) - online booking
  • Unimax 2010 Orbital Platform Shaker (Room 320, Blackburn) - online booking
  • Duomax 1030 Shaker (Cold Room, Blackburn) - online booking
  • Ratek Rotary Suspension Mixer (Physiology Cold room, Anderson Stuart) - online booking
  • Vortex Mixers (Room N232, W312, N136, N138, Anderson Stuart & Room 320, 323, Blackburn)
  • Magnetic Stirrers (Room N232 & W312, Anderson Stuart, Room 319, Blackburn)
  • TDB-3 Dry Block Heaters with Aluminum Blocks (Human Tissue Room, AS PC2, Rm 320 and 323, Blackburn) -online booking
  • Labnet AccuBlock Digital Dry Bath and Ratek Dry Block Heater (Rm N232, AS) - online booking
  • Elmasonic S10 Ultrasonic Cleaning unit (Room N138, Anderson Stuart PC2 Facility & Room 320A Darkroom, Blackburn) - online booking


Liquid Scintillation Analyzer

pH meters and pH Stat


  • GH-252 Analytical Balance (Room N232, Anderson Stuart)
  • A&D GF-300 Weighing Balance (Room N452, Anderson Stuart)
  • HF-3000G Weighing Balance (Room 319, Blackburn)
  • GX-400 Precision Balance (Room 319, Blackburn)
  • Wedderburn TANITA TLD-610 Balance (Room 325, Blackburn)

Plate Sealer, Vacuum Manifold, Harvester

MilliQ water systems

  • Millipore Milli Q Integral 5 water purification system with RO water supply (Room 322, Blackburn) User manual
  • Millipore MilliQ Synthesis water system (Room N232, Anderson Stuart) User manual
  • Millipore Synergy Smart UF water system (Room N452, Anderson Stuart) User manual

Ice Flakers

  • BREMA Ice Flaker (Room N232, Anderson Stuart)
  • STUART Ice Flaker (Room 322, Blackburn)

Fume Hoods

  • Fume Hoods (Bacteria Room, AS PC2, Rm W312, AS and Rm 320 & 323, Blackburn) online booking


Hirayama Siltex


  • Bio-Rad Micro Pulser Electroporator (Room W312, Anderson Stuart) - online booking
  • Bio-Rad Gene Pulser Electroporator (Room N452, Anderson Stuart)
  • Water Baths (Rm W312, Rm N136-N137, Anderson Stuart & Rm 322, Blackburn)
  • Thermo Forma -86C ULT Freezer (Room 325, Blackburn)
  • Refrigerators and Freezers (Every Room)
  • Corrosive Storage Cabinet (Room 325, Blackburn)
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets (Room N232, AS, Anderson Stuart Backyard & Room 325, Blackburn)