PolarStar Galaxy Plate Reader


  • Multifunctional microplate reader - absorbance, fluorescence, fluorescence polarisation and luminescence.
  • Reads a variety of microplate formats - from 6 to 1536 wells
  • Top and bottom optics
  • Able to perform injection and incubation


Use of the machine in the Molecular Biology Facility

  • All users must be trained in the use of the machine prior to use.
  • This machine is located in the Mason Lab (Room N445). You will need to see a member of the Mason Lab or the Molecular Biology Officer for access to the machine. There is online booking system for the machine.
  • Use only the filters that are installed in the machine. You will need to see the Molecular Biology Officer if you need to have the filters changed.
  • There are separate optics for absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence. Once you have been shown how, you can change these yourself.
  • Allow the machine to warm up for 15 minutes prior to use.
  • Login to the FLUOstar Galaxy software as User

Tips and additional information

  • Make sure the system is set to the correct reading mode. Setup>Reader>Configuration
  • Data is output as an Excel read only file. If you would like to take a copy of the data, copy and paste it to a new Excel file and email it to yourself. You can also take the file on a USB storage device.