NanoSight LM10-HSBFT 14 Nanoparticle Characterisation system


  • NanoSight LM14 Nanoparticle viewing unit
  1. Integrated temperature control: Peltier controlled with a PID feedback loop
  2. Temperature range: 8degC below room temperature - 50degC
  3. Time to within 1degC of target temperature: 3min (Accuracy: <1degC)
  4. Examination chamber with inlet and outlet ports (Luer Fittings)
  5. Embedded lasers: 405mn (blue violet laser) and 532nm (green laser)
  6. Fluorescent long-pass filters: 430nm and 565nm
  • Trinocular microscope
  • Objective: 20x, Modified stage with thumbscrew X and Y control
  • Detectable nanoparticles and viruses of sizes approx. 10-1000nm (particle-dependent)
  • Scienfitic CMOS Trigger Camera
  • Software: NTA 2.3 software

You can download NanoSight LM10-HS manual, LM14 Viewing Unit Manual, NTA 2.3 software Manual, Nanosight Sample Clip and How to make Concentration Measurements using NanoSight LM Series Instruments. Online booking is available here


  • It is important to select the fluorophore suitable for the laser (405mn or 532nm) and filter (430nmLP or 565nmLP) availabe in our NanoSight system. To decide which fluorophore would be a good match for the system, you can use the Life Technologies Fluorescence SpectraViewer or BD Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer tools.
  • Look at the fluorophore description or specifications to get an idea on how quickly the fluorophore bleaches (fluorophore photo stability). Ideally you would like to see the particle for at least 3-4 seconds before it disappears (without flow).

You can download Application Note: Visualisation, Sizing and Counting of Fluorescent and Fluorescently-Labelled Nanoparticles