Advalytix AmpliSpeed Slide Cycler

The AmpliSpeed slide cycler is an ultra-compact instrument specifically designed for performing thermal cycling reactions on glass slides. A superior heat transfer technology based on highly-planar silicon wafers is used to generate extremely homogenous surface temperature with effective heating and cooling rates of up to 3C/sec.

The AmpliSpeed slide cycler can be used in numerous single cell analysis regardless of whether single cells are captured via flow sorting, micromanipulation, laser capture microscopy or whether downstream analysis involves qPCR, PAGE, capillary electrophoresis, or sequencing. In addition, the AmpliSpeed can be used as a general purpose instrument for highly precise, programmable temperture control of any flat device such as a microscope slide. Additional applications includes microfluidics, In situ PCR, FISH and incubation of standard slides (e.g. for immunohistochemistry).


The AmpliSpeed slide cycler is a portable instrument. You may borrow the system and run your experiments in your own laboratory by contacting the Molecular Biology Officer. Online booking system (external website) is available. You need to be trained on how to use the machine by the Molecular Biology Officer before use.