Hybaid Gradient PCR Machine


  • 96 well plate PCR machine
  • Gradient block for optimisation of annealing temperature
  • Heated lid for oil free thermal cycling
  • Holds one 96 well plate OR 96 x 0.2ml tubes
  • Advanced editing, eg adjustable temperature ramping, touch down etc.


Use of the machine in the Molecular Biology Facility

  • The PCR is in high demand therefore there is an online booking system (external website). Plan ahead, book time slots and stick to them
  • Users are responsible for supplying all their own plastic ware and reagents
  • There are five directories (A-E) for storage of cycling programs. Please keep a track of where you store your program and edit a file in preference to producing a new one

Tips and additional information

  • Use this machine for reverse transcription (RT) reactions and for standard PCR (and optimisation)
  • During programing - to move to a new stage, enter '0's in each field of a step (like wise for finishing a program).
  • Set a hold temperature of 4˚C at the end of your run and leave the time as '0' for incubation for an indefinate time frame
  • Try the gradient feature for optimising the annealing temperature of a set of primers - press 'continue' when setting the annealing step - you can have a gradient of up to 15˚C across the block
  • The exact temperature of each column of wells can be determined by using the gradient calculator - Under 'Options' > 'Calc'. The results are displayed on two srceens
  • Additional advanced editing can be achieved by pressing 'continue' and moving through the screen
  • The control tube (vial with mineral oil and probe) should be in position A2 (top row, second from left)